Okay, first things first. The comic is still a long way off. Though Cougar #1 is written (and pencilled, largely), there’s a whole lot more needs to be done before there’s a locked in on sale date. Studio Cougar remain committed to the character/project, but the logistics of getting the comic out there and in the hands of general comics buyers need more looking at. Stuff is happening but slowly. I remain hopeful that sometime in 08 there’ll be an actual, physical comic. In the meantime, here’s a look at a brand spanking new poster/litho featuring Cougar, Kickstart and the bad guys by Jeremey Tiongson (art) and Jukka Issakainen (colour). Click on the thumbnail to enlarge (a bit). Oh, and one more update, due to work committments (and stuff) I won’t be at Collectormania Manchester this coming weekend. Apologies to anyone who was banking on my being there.

4 Responses to COUGAR COVERAGE

  1. Jon says:

    d’oh!!! scratch me going to collectormania then 😦

  2. Black Bumblebee says:

    Nice artwork, Si guy 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what you’re planning on doing, story wise, with this character.

  3. stj21 says:

    hi simon it is great you are using fortress maximus in the arcee spotlight . are we ever ging to see punch /counterpunch thats steve

  4. Stephen Holmes says:

    Amazing, looks awesome where can i get hold of one of these ?

    Stephen H

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