Definitely on the better late than never scale, here’s my post-script discourse on Transformers (UK) #8 (or at least the original strip bit of it). Another ‘squeezed into a bit of dead space in the movie’ story, this one concerns the fate of Scorponok, last seen burrowing underground in an almightly hurry after the aerial barrage in Qatar. He’s been laying low since then, but when Ironhide and a Special Forces team (new characters, developed especially for the UK storyline) go looking they get a whole LOT more than they bargained for (and realise some things are better left buried). As with the previous Starscream story, this one gives a little more in the way of action/resolution to the movie itself, and provides Ironhide with a real workout (though not necessarily in the way you might think). Scorponok proves to be a much tougher character than his bio and onscreen appearance maybe suggests, and ties up something of loose end. Editor Steve White played his part (above and beyond the call of duty) with this one, taking my half-hearted suggestions for US military hardware and coming up with the real goodies (he’s something of an expert!). Art is by Staz Johnson, another name those of you TF fans with long memories will remember as having worked on the Marvel UK Transformers strip towards the end of its originated life, oh and the art cover is by Gary Erskine. What’s next? Something VERY different. Still new movie-based, but quite epic (taking us right up to issue #13) in its scale and reach. More on this when I do my Script (W)rap for issue #9 (soon, honest!).

10 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – UK

  1. Oooh sounds exciting stuff for issu 9 then. Staz Johnson back on the UK books, cool, I wonder who else will come out of UK Transformers retirement lol

  2. Peter says:

    Hey Simon – Congrats to you and all of the team by the way on the 6th month/6th issue quasi-landmark! I have to say that the TFUK mag is a great product – great artwork(giving the IDW stuff a real run for its money IMHO) and really inventive scripts. It looks great and feels nostalgic whilst still feeling new.

    Just curious to know, in the competitive landscape of today’s magazine market – how’s the title doing? If sales continue to remain buoyant (which i’m sure they will) do you think that down we’ll ever get to see some G1 IDWverse stories coming through? Now that would definitely signify things coming full circle!

  3. limabean says:

    want to see!

  4. Cool! Staz did my all-time favourite covers during the Unicron Saga way back when. Chickened out of telling him that at the Birmingham Con (mostly because I was far too drunk and would have said “mmmrrglbb” instead)!

    I like the sound of the upcoming story. Making Transformers your own all over again, sir!

  5. bassbot says:

    man, sounds awesome. love movie ironhide.

  6. John Evans says:

    I want to know how Scorponok survived his pounding in the 2007 movie. It was so intense!

  7. simon furman says:

    Hey Peter, as far as I know the UK TF mag is doing just fine, sales-wise. Actual kids read it, which always helps the numbers!

  8. Best First says:

    Kids reading TF comics? Is that allowed these days?

  9. Warewullf says:

    Staz is back! Great news! I’m really looking forward to seeing this.

    Also just wanted to say a hearty congratulations on the TF:UK mag, Simon. Its really very good and seeing as I wasn’t exactly a fan of the movie, its interesting to see what you’re doing with these versions of the characters.

  10. Violetlight says:

    Aw, please tell me cute little Scorpy will be okay! It would be so sad if he were scrapped!

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