Beast Wars The Ascending #3 is out, unleashed. The issue hits stores this week (12th Dec in the US, 13th here in the UK). And if you thought things were looking dire for the Maximals (and Predacons) at the end of issue #2, wait’ll you see what #3’s got in store for them (and you). With armageddon (of the Unicron variety) looming for Cybertron, all remaining hopes lie with Razorbeast and his timelost Maximals. But no sooner do Lio Convoy and the Pack arrive back on prehistoric Earth than Razorbeast is infected by Rartorata with Angolmois ‘rage,’ more or less scuppering any last hope. Desperate alliances are formed, tragedies unfold, evil gets the upper hand, time gets all bent out of shape and Shokaract is finally unleashed (much to Big Convoy’s dismay). Their darkest hour… just keeps getting darker. Story is by me, art by Don Figueroa (his last, it seems, for the time being… sniff). Check out Don’s nifty cover art for the issue by clicking on the thumbnail below.

10 Responses to BW ASCENDING #3 — UNCAGED

  1. Dawfydd says:

    Fair thee well Don Figueroa, your sublime and hyper-detailed renderings of 25 years worth of everyones favourite shape-changing robots will be missed. But good luck in your future endevours.

    Right, that’s out of the way, who wants to see if we can badger Simon into getting Don involved in a Deaths Head Mk 1 comeback……

    Back on track for a moment, I can’t wait to read this issue Simon. I’ve really enjoyed the ways you have been incorporating the various BW mythologies into one cohesive whole, and I was wondering if you have any plans for more Beast Wars beyond the Ascending? Or will that give away some of how the series ends….

  2. stephen joyce says:

    hey simon just wandering if you have any plans for hotspot and punch at this time . if not wil we see them at time int he furture. i love your work thanks steve

  3. Emvee says:

    hey simon just wandering if you have any plans for guzzle and flywheels at this time . if not wil we see them at time int he furture. i love your work thanks steve

  4. Emvee says:

    Dammit I meant “thanks emvee”…clicked submit too soon 😦

  5. bassbot says:

    heh, love how we get some questions answered but need much much more!!!

  6. Coptur says:

    Very good iusse, i enjoyed seeing Injector vs Rartorata. It was also nice to see Apache and B’Boom working together (so B’Boom is much bigger).

    One Question, who is doing the art on issue 4 ?

  7. Coptur says:

    ‘issue’ oops

  8. Wade says:

    Simon, I have a question;

    Where did you come up with Shokaract’s name?

    What’s it mean, and so forth? I’ve asked around and no one seems to know.

  9. Charles RB says:

    In the stories IIRC, Shokaract is the name of a prophesised apocalypse in the Covenant of Primus. The real-world meaning, I just assumed that Furman made the name up.

  10. Black Bumblebee says:

    Shokoract was originally a Botcon figure (repaint of BW Scorponok)–don’t know if he had anything to do with the original name of the figure.

    Just got finished reading it (yeah, I get them late…) and thought it was pretty interesting, though it’ll be sad to see Don F. go. He’s still the top artist for TFs I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been following them for a LONG time.

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