As promised, details and digressions (as spoiler-free as possible, but be warned: this does reveal a lot in terms of the overall story intent/set-up) on the script for Transformers (UK) #9, the first of the ‘new-direction’ storylines I muttered vaguely about in a previous post (or two). Remember that nice, happy ending the Transformers live-action movie delivered? Well, we’re about to throw that out of the window! ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming pt1’ (of 5) delivers an entirely alternate take on the climactic scenes in which Megatron sought to claim the All Spark, only to be denied by Sam Witwicky. In the new UK continuity, things didn’t end quite so neatly, and in part 1 we look in on a world now ruled (in a large part) by Megatron and the Decepticons, with the few Autobots (and humans) still at large fighting for survival. Things are desperate indeed as, with Optimus Prime a helpless captive, Megatron begins to transform planet Earth into world where dark technology rules. Can the Autobots (and humans) stage a last, desperate fightback? Don’t count on it. Happy endings are in very short supply in the new Decepticon dominium. Part 1 of Twilight’s Last Gleaming is written by me with art by Simon Williams. Click on the thumbnail below for a glimpse of what’s to come. TF-UK #9 hits on February 28th.


18 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – UK

  1. MatthewHessey says:

    Yay! New UK continuity 😀 Sounds like a good one as well! 😀 By the way Simon, have things calmed down enough for you to take a look at my comic script yet? 😀

  2. Beachcomber says:

    Sweet! Cool idea!

    Are the humans from the movie going to feature in this? I’d like to see more of them in the comics.

  3. partholon says:

    ya see this is what i love about TF. what makes it work is the bots are always on the backfoot and have every reason to do a runner but dont. thats what makes em heroic and stops prime becoming superman. i love it when the odds are against them. no to mention it gives us a good insight into what megs plans for a world ran by the deceps which is always fun

    this looks class. by the way simon, any news on when this stuff will be tradepaperbacked?

  4. Mr Furman, I look forward to seeing where you go with your new continuity. I think that’s the best news I’ve heard, TF-wise, in ages. From past experience, I think we all know you can run and run with this.

    Incidentally, and this might be something you can’t mention, but I assume it’s very likely that the TF Animated will come to the UK and have a comic spin-off. Being a huge TF fan (one of the online community who loves the new style) and a soon-to-be published comic artist, I’d love to get involved (or at least submit). Can you comment on whether there are plans to publish a related comic?

  5. partholon says:

    simon meant to ask did you see the job the guys did on fan animating your and dons “war within” comic? its up on youtube at the moment.

    i think its amazing and really shows how some of your old stories would look on the telly. heres hoping hasbro cop on and do the decent thing 🙂

  6. I should also say that Simon Williams has done a bang up job from what I can see. Really dynamic.

  7. bassbot says:

    sounds good, but is this gonna be collected?!?

  8. Black Bumblebee says:

    Hello Simon!

    Loving how the IDW universe is coming along so far! I’m the one responsible for the the War Within animated project that Partholon mentioned. Hope that you enjoy it for what it is–a fan showing his appreciation for a well written story.

    Here’s a youtube link to the first episode: and

  9. Chris N says:

    A UK-exclusive story entitled Twilight’s Last Gleaming. Ah, sweet irony…

  10. simon furman says:

    Hey Matthew, things never really calm down, so best bet is just to send the script in (to the address on the Wildfur site) and I’ll take a look when I can.

  11. simon furman says:

    Beachcomber… the movie humans do feature in TLG, but one main character didn’t make it!!!

    Partholon, Bassbot… plans for collections are afoot, but there needs to be enough material to collect first. Soon as I have more info I’ll let you know. I believe also there are plans for some kind of US edition of the UK stories. No word yet on when these are scheduled for, though.

    Jamie… there have been mutterings of a UK TF Animated comic but nothing (as yet) confirmed. I’ll update this blog when i have more hard and fast info.

    And yes, Chris, I know the story arc title is hardly home-grown, but trust me, it makes sense in the context of the story.

  12. simon furman says:

    Hey, Black Bumblebee, the WW animated is superb. I love it. Great to see it come to life in that way. Kudos to the vocal talent too. All in all a great package. Highly recommended.

  13. Black Bumblebee says:

    Thanks! I’m very happy that you enjoyed it. Getting praise from you, the original writer of this, really means a lot to me. Hopefully it won’t take me a whole year to get the next episode done 🙂

  14. MatthewHessey says:

    Great, will do. Thanks 😀

  15. bassbot says:

    thanks for the update Simon. it really sounds like you’re pumping out heaps, besides just loving transformers, love that you guys are expanding the movie-verse with some great stuff.

  16. Simon Hall says:

    Hooray! Simon Williams on TFs again! I loved his clean, fresh and lively work on the short-lived Armada title. Good to see him back again (I loved his rendition of Death’s head on the recent trades) I’m a bit luke warm about the prospect of an Animated title for TFs. It could easily be added slotted into the exsisting UK comic, and who knows, by (potentially) doing that you could draw in any newcomers and boost sales. I just worry sometimes how well UK comics sell these days – there’s a lot of them and they’re all this dreadful heat style magazine format with lots of splash pages but as empty as fresh air.Thus far, Titan have done a sterling job and remebered that children can read and be entertained by more than just bright colours and free trinkets 🙂 I appreciate that Animated looks like its a completely different kettle of fish, but i think it would just add to the variety we’ve already got in the UK title. Hmm, perhaps i should become an editor…

  17. peter says:

    holy crap man


  18. peter says:

    can you update me on every change in this story line, Oh and a little tip to get massive fan bases make one Decepticon nobody would ever expect a good guy (not Barricade) oh and also i had an idea of a transformer called Warzone who turns into a submarine and i wanted to know if you’d draw him for me please, if you want to use him in a comic just ask.

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