This week (Wed Jan 23rd in the US, Thurs 24th in the UK) sees the release of the first of a brand spanking new batch of Transformers Spotlights, with the loud and proud Autobot Blaster taking centre stage. As always with the IDW/TF-verse, though the character is still recognizable as his ‘classic’ G1 equivalent, this is very much a reimagined Blaster, with a somewhat different role in the expanding conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons. Those of you who’ve felt the Spotlights are sometimes too integral to the main ‘ongoing’ storyline (in Infiltration, Escalation, Devastation et al) will be pleased to know that Spotlight Blaster is very much self-contained, an entry level story that needs no reference to what’s going on elsewhere (though it does feed back into the ‘ongoing’). What we have here is essentially an unfolding mystery. Something happened to Blaster in the past that comes storming back to confront him in the present. Betrayed, left for dead, someone went to great lengths to silence ‘The Voice,’ and now—with Blaster returned to the fold—they set out to finish what they started. With guest appearances by the likes of Silverbolt, Bluestreak, Beachcomber, Trailbreaker and Cosmos, plus a Decepticon or two, Spotlight Blaster has something for everyone: mystery, intrigue, action, character development. Art is by Emiliano Santalucia, making his IDW debut, story is by me. Emiliano’s cover art can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail below. For information on all IDW’s Transformers titles, check out their website here.

27 Responses to BLAST(ER) FROM THE PAST

  1. Dawfydd says:

    right, one trip to the lcbs on thursday then…

  2. rerunwatson99 says:

    Who said that the spotlights were too integral….that’s what i loved about the spotlights…that they can interact and lead us into the ongoing story…..
    Either way, keep producing them…..

  3. Big C says:

    Hey Simon,
    Blaster was one of the most memorable characters for me from the G! comic. I think he was one of Bob Budiansky’s best achievements in terms of character development, from his initial appearance with Scrounge and confronting Straxus, to his many adventures with Goldbug and fighting Scraplets, Triple Changers, and Combaticons, to his challenging of Grimlock for AUtobot leadership. This was harder-edged and very different Blaster than the more fun-loving rhyming one we saw in the G1 cartoon.

    I was wondering if you were using the cartoon character or Budiansky’s comic version as a template for the new IDW Blaster, or is it a mixture of the two? Or is it something completely different? Either way, I’m looking forward to it! (Although I must say I’m anticipating the Arcee spotlight a lot more!)

  4. MatthewHessey says:

    Damn it! Why must you keep making me spend my money!!! 😀 Looking forward to this one a lot though, just like every other one… 😀

  5. limabean says:

    hope you guys like

  6. Dan Coyle says:


    Seriously, do a Cosmos Spotlight, with art by Figueroa. It’d sell like crazy!

  7. MatthewHessey says:

    Don quit TFs unfortunately… *sniff*. Hopefully he’ll return

  8. Ross says:

    Really pleased to see Bluestreak make an appearance – I hope he gets some good dialogue. Seriously, I’d love to see a story showing his tragic past, it’s never been explored properly… But great to see Blaster get his own story, and these Spotlights are proving to be a fantastic addition to the TF-verse. Keep writing up a storm sir!

  9. Bass X0 says:

    Will this Spotlight acknowledge (i.e. not contradict) his cameo in Stormbringer?

  10. Chris N says:

    That’s a question of mine, too. Little one panel easter egg cameos are one thing, but when it ends up scuppering a later story, is not good, ja.

    But, more importantly, is Flywheels in it?

  11. Still wanna see Simon do a Wheelie spotlight. That would be cool! (That is, a story where the character doesn’t suck for a change). 🙂

  12. bassbot says:

    can’t wait for this. more spotlight goodness!!!

  13. Christian B says:

    I am going to pick this up tonight after work………this “Spotlight” series is just fantastic. Not to sure about a Wheelie spotlight ‘Thunder Triumphant!’ but if anyone could pull it of it would be Simon Furman!!!

  14. Dan Coyle says:

    Figueroa’s done with TF? REALLY? When did that happen? I figured he’d be drawing them forever. Still, best of luck to him.

    I finished the issue about an hour ago; I thought it was another excellent way of integrating Blaster into the current continuity in a way that’s different from before but true to the character. I was surprised at how well Emiliano Santalucia did with the artwork, too.

  15. simon furman says:

    Rerunwatson99… that criticism has been levelled at the likes of Spotlight Prime and Spotlight Galvatron and it’s something I definitely took onboard with Blaster. It’s that balancing act of making something that’s intrinsic to the growing IDW/TF-verse but not prohibitively so. Really, you should be able to pick up each Spotlight and enjoy even if you’ve never read Infiltration, Escalation et al.

    Big C… I’ve drawn on elements from both previous versions of Blaster and put a little spin of my own on them. So he’s kind of an amalgam, but also (I hope) quite fresh as well.

    Bass XO… actually that was Bluster, Blaster’s less-well-spoken brother, in Stormbringer.

  16. Justin says:

    I love how the spotlights are integral to the story how they introduce the main character and also include other characters: ultra magnus, swindle, scorponok then shockwave; dynobots. I hope the spotlights integrate in to the story line like they have! I thought that Spotlight Ramjet was lacking for that reason, I finished thought to my self I could have not read this and missed nothing.

  17. clrobe says:

    IMO, that’s the best Spotlight you written. Spotlight Shockwave used to hold that distinction (followed closely by Nightbeat because I just loved how you set up the mystery)…but no longer. This was good stuff. Really enjoyed ALL the cameos! Liked how they weren’t forced. Good to see some of the 84/85 bots. Good job keeping the plot under wraps; very surprised by the who-done-it and the person pulling the strings. And of course I liked to set up for the future. Oh and there was SO much dialogue per page, even during the battle sequences…KEEP THAT COMING. The battle in the Prime spotlight felt a little light on words. This felt perfect.

  18. Terome says:

    Great issue, Simon. May I ask what the name of the planet is that the Autobot Orbital Command Hub orbits and commands over?

    And while we’re on the subject of things that orbit other things – is the Orbital Array the same place we glimpsed Blaster in Megatron: Origin?

  19. Chris P says:

    Really enjoyed this, up there with Spotlight Kup. Made me consider somethign I’ve been wondering for a while…. if Sixshot is the Decepticons phase 6 bot, where does Trypticon sit in their hierarchy? What’s his function? Might be an interesting Spotlight?…..;)

  20. Bass X0 says:

    Not been able to buy the Spotlight yet or read any spoilers. Knowing me, I’ll probably try to work out a way that Blaster can be in both his Spotlight and in Stormbringer.

    Or if its impossible I’ll call Stormbringer Blaster a miscolored Twincast and have them as seperate characters.

  21. bassbot says:

    Simon this is definitely a FAV SPOTLIGHT!!! Awesome job, exciting ending that makes me want more!!!

  22. Dawfydd says:

    Just picked up and read my copy from the lcbs: Fantastic issue! Really enjoyed how you manged to combine the two versions of Blaster most of us would be familiar with, and the idea of Blaster as a morale-boosting DJ: simply genius. One of the things about the IDW-verse I’ve really been appreciating is how we’ve seen characters in more than just combat roles, giving us a fuller flavour of the logistics of the Cybertronian civil war.
    Can’t wait to see what comes next, espeacially inlight of the final page- Great to see a rivallry that never really got played out in the western TFormers finally rearing its head…

  23. partholon says:

    well i read it and enjoyed it alot more than i thought i would . i never really got blaster as a character so it was nice to see him broadened out as a character. i couldnt help thinking of the DJ in “good morning vietnam” and its a natural role for him.

    be interesting to see what happens to him later on. and poor beachcomber 🙂

  24. Chris N says:

    Aye, Good Morning Vietnam was stuck in my mind from the moment I read the initial blurb months ago for some reason.

    Nice alt mode, too. Also nicely ambiguous in terms of exactly when the “now” was happening. Several places in continuity that it can slot in.

    And massive points for another Spinister cameo. Definitely building towards his own Spotlight.

  25. simon furman says:

    Hey, Terome. The planet (gas giant) around which the Autobots’ command hub orbits is named Opulus (no relation). And Chris P — Trypticon, well, wait and see. As per usual, Trypticon will have his own little character ‘twist’.

  26. BB Shockwave says:

    Great! I simply loved your handling of Trypticon in TWW-Dark Ages. I always imagined to hear Roger Moore’s voice when I read his lines. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how you handle him in IDW – is there any chance he might get a Spotlight? If Sixshot is an Ultimate Weapon, then what is Trypticon… the Doomsday Weapon? I’d really like to see the part of his Marvel Universe bio expanded upon which states that he’s in truth, tired of war and hates himself too for what he does, but doesn’t know how to quit. A very powerfull Decepticon who wants to retire from fighting should make a nice one-shot story, especially as I can imagine other alien races would want to recruit him as well, not to mention the Autobots…

  27. Hugo Ruivinho aka chaosbringer says:

    Blaster brother Bluster???
    Did i miss something? Did you create a new character or did you go “sunstorm” on us and named a blaster look alike cameo/ in some old show/comic kile the decepticon seeker example?
    i would LOVE to have a new Sunstorm type character (you know, in the circunstances he was introduced using a one time show appearance to make a “new guy”).
    Is this cannnon?
    Does he have tapes too? 😀 what can you say about him?

    BTW, greetings from Portugal

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