Titan’s official Torchwood magazine is out now, featuring interviews, news, on-set reports and previews from the hit BBC TV show (a spin off from Doctor Who for the uninitiated) starring John Barrowman. All that’s fit to print (and some that’s not) from the weird and wonderful world of Torchwood can be found within the covers, and there’s more. The magazine features all-new comic strip, the first of which (‘The Legacy of Torchwood One’) is written by yours truly. How did Rupert Howarth surivive his apparent death at Torchwood One, and who or what is Chimera? What, you think I’m going to tell you? Go get a copy right now! Art on ‘Legacy of Torchwood One’ is by SL Gallant (Marvel Adventures), and you can check out how good it looks by clicking on the thumbnail below. To look more closely at the cover, click on the second thumbnail, and for more information on the magazine and how to subscribe visit the Titan website here.




  1. Black Bumblebee says:

    Looks nice. While I do enjoy Torchwood, I think it’s main flaw is that it tries to be “adult” by having everyone be bisexual and talking about sex in EVERY episode. While there’s nothing wrong with sexuality in science fiction, the over-emphasis on this point often borders on being crude.

    The art makes it quite clear who the characters are. It’ll be interesting to see how this property is handled…

  2. partholon says:

    i think this is probably the one property that’ll have legs as torchwood is a really enjoyable sandbox and should be a writers dream in terms of creativity.

    very impressed with the art. the artists really captured gwen and jacks features in particular. i hate when you buy a comic and the characters dont look a bit like the people theye meant to.
    im hoping the more adult edge is retained. as mentioned not with the whole sex angle but some of the more overt horror themes. a good example was the second episode of the new series that just aired “sleepers”.
    it was genuinly horrifying for the poor girl to not even know she’d stabbed her husband till she saw her hand and all the blood afterwards.

    i guess it all comes down to keeping the characters real.

    by the way simon how are you finding the torchwood crew. any favourites yet?

  3. People are only reading the comic strip for the lettering, Simon!

    Hey, look what I found:


  4. partholon says:

    oh oh, geoff senior goodness 🙂 🙂

  5. Simon Hall says:

    Looks to be very promising. I agree with Black Bumblebee in that for some odd reason, the scriptwriters of Torchwood seem to have gone with a twelve years old’s idea of adult. Anyway, the second series (so far) shows a marked improvement, and the confidence in the series is clearly borne out in the launch of this title. Hope it goes well and I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with, Simon!

  6. And now on ebay!

    No headcount too high, no paycheque too big, yes?


  7. Another blast from the past…

    That’s Simon as Death’s Head, John Tomlinson with the blond hair, me with the beard and Steve White as Trench.

    This stuff has been sitting in Andy Lanning’s attic for 20 years!


  8. Art above by Dougie Braithwaite, back when he was a nipper.

  9. simon furman says:

    ‘Ere, Starkings — gerroff me blog!

    But here’s a bit of breaking news, prompted by some Rich’s postings. I hear Panini (who collected the entirety of Death’s Head over two volumes) are now prepping (for later this year) the collected… Dragon’s Claws! Yeee-hah!

  10. simon furman says:

    And back on topic, of the Torchwood crew, Jack’s the easiest to write. He’s just such a scene-stealer. But i’m developing a definite soft spot for Sato. And Ianto feels like a character in need of development!

  11. Jon S says:

    Speaking of blasts from the past, I found this on the Transforce blog – a very young Lee Sullivan and Simon Furman (who appears about the 4min mark) talking about the Doctor Who magazine:

  12. Just so I don’t have to hijack this blog any more…


  13. Paul Ridgon says:

    Quote: But here’s a bit of breaking news, prompted by some Rich’s postings. I hear Panini (who collected the entirety of Death’s Head over two volumes) are now prepping (for later this year) the collected… Dragon’s Claws! Yeee-hah!

    Reckon they might want to use the one pager we did as a closer..?

  14. simon furman says:

    Yeah, Paul. I think they might. I need to talk to you/Panini about this, but will do so via email. For anyone who doesn’t know what Paul’s referring to, this was a one-page Dragon’s Claws story we did for a charity thing called ‘Just One Page.’ Love to get it a wider viewing.

  15. Last piece of DRAGON’S CLAWS art from me:

    Thanks, Si!

    ; P


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