Out this week (Feb 6th in the US, 7th in the UK) is the penultimate issue of Transformers Devastation (#5), and if you think we’re taking our collective feet off the collective gas pedal after last issue’s tumultuous battle between the Autobots and Sixshot think again. Just when you thought more story strands couldn’t possibly squeeze into the cut and thrust of Devastation, the Reapers make their move, besieging the Decepticons’ Command Bunker. And when we say Reapers, we don’t just mean the six badass mechs from Spotlight Sixshot, we mean Reapers… ad infinitum. Events set in motion in the aforementioned Spotlight Sixshot come to a head, but perhaps not in the way (or ways) you might have been expecting. A certain Starscream also makes his move (and let’s face it, he’s been pretty darn immobile since way back in Infiltration #6), and a grudge stretching back to wartime Cybertron (cue flashback!) goes all full blown. Plus, of course, more Headmasters, more Machination, more Hunter/Sunstreaker, more on the fate of Verity/Jimmy, a fateful decision for Optimus Prime and Skywatch… well, look for options! Story is by me, art by EJ Su (back in the driving seat… and how!). EJ’s cover art can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail below.


  1. Chris N says:

    Oooh. Full of flashbacky goodness.

    I hope the fate of Verity and Jimmy isn’t as straightforward as “they’re actually unconscious and Ratchet’s a bit rubbish at human biology”.

    Physically need now. I wonder if there’s any chance of #6 coming out this month, as originally planned.

  2. If only it were out last week when I was in London at an actual comic shop lol. Still, its a reason to plan another outing to the city I suppose

  3. matthewhessey says:

    This gonna be so great ๐Ÿ˜€ Now, if only I could get to a comic shop any time soon…

  4. partholon says:

    cant wait. works been deathly dull and i can sneek read these puppies under the desk so im getting mine. i know the smackdown s the main story but im really intersted to see whats going on with verity and jimmy

    should be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. bassbot says:

    love all the different threads. hopefully we get some news in the next month about idw’s other plans and plans for after Dev…

  6. Coptur says:

    i enjoyed the issue alot, thank for a great read.

    one question, Will Hook, Line and Sinker (with a modern look) be making a return albeit in the long run?

  7. Commander Shockwav says:

    Hey Simon!

    Felt this issue was weaker than the previous four, but overall am enjoying Devestation.

    I had a question that I have been debating about with some fellow Tfans. It is my feeling that the current six-issue format in comics today sometimes crimps writers a bit in that they have to fit a story they want to tell in that number of issues, no more, no less. This ultimately can affect the pacing of the story, either forcing them to speed it up or slowi it down.

    Do you feel that this format, now a staple in comics today, impacts the story you want to tell in a negative way at times, and if so, have you felt this in any of the TF arcs your written thus far?

  8. simon furman says:

    Hey Coptur, no plans for Hook, Line or Sinker. Those will probably remain the domain of those Marvel US stories, seeing as how they were created specifically for that storyline.

    As for the six-issue format, Commander Shockwave, I actually feel there’s so much going on in Devastation (so many different story threads) that it takes the full six issues to give the story its full breadth. Given that our original model for these series was Marvel’s Ultimate line, where they never force the pacing and tend to allow things to unfold in a more natural stage-by-stage way, I feel we’re staying true to the overall pace/evolution of the story begun in Infiltration. Some people have mentioned they feel the Hot Rod/Wheeljack storyline is too dragged out, but I really wanted to play it straight, with no shortcuts. What I like about the IDW range is that there is no one format. The ‘-ions’ are six-issue, Beast Wars, Stormbringer and the like are four-issues and the Spotlight are one-issue wham-bams. I like ’em all for different reasons, but largely because it means I flex different writerly muscles in each.

  9. Dawfydd says:

    Just read #4 & #5: Wow! Can’t wait to see how things wrap up in #6…

  10. Charles RB says:

    Enjoying the Decepticon focus & characterisation in this issue, as well as the rollercoaster “everything happens at once” feel (though I felt Hunter could’ve gotten more page-space in the past two issues and Skywatch seemed to have been lost in the shuffle – their first after-#1 appearance was losing the Seekers!). Not a big fan of the Reapers, they & their goal don’t seem to have “clicked” for me, but they work as an external threat to play off against the Decepticons so that’s fine.

    My only real complaint is Sixshot turning to the Reapers – they still don’t seem to be giving him a good enough pitch and didn’t offer him much in his Spotlight. Just seems to come out of nowhere, especially after he rejected them last time. Though I do like that Starscream is what tips him over the edge, that was a nice bit (Starscream seems to be subtly forcing Megatron’s hand here and I love it).

    Any chance of seeing more of the Terrorcons and what they think of what’s happening with Sixshot?

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