Okay, here we go with a tease (some inevitable spoilers, but I’ll go easy on those) of what’s in store, script-wise, in Transformers (UK) #10. The all-new UK continuity, which kicked off in the previous issue (spiralling out of the end of the live-action movie, but in a radically different way) in explosive/dramatic style, continues (escalates) in the shape of part 2 of (the 5-part) Twilight’s Last Gleaming. As bleak as things were looking for the Autobots (and pretty much the whole of humankind) in part 1, in part 2 things get that much worse. The Autobot counter-offensive against the ruling Decepticons looks to be derailed before it’s even started, with Bumblebee and Mikaela both hunted (by Megatron and Frenzy respectively) inside the former Sector 7/Hoover dam base and the moon-based Autobot reinforcements compromised, and Earth’s military response targeted (by Starscream and Dreadwing). Only Ratchet and Ironhide’s side of the main strike seems still to be proceeding on course, but (realistically) how long can that last? Chaos, carnage, all-out action, things haven’t been this epic since the days of Marvel UK. Whatever you do, don’t miss it. TF-UK #10 is out on the 27th of March, and in the meantime here’s a glimpse of Jeremy Tiongson’s dazzling art (colour by Jason Cardy) from the story. Click on the thumbnail below to view larger image.


5 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP – UK

  1. Hey Simon, you need to upload the fullsize image again as a wordpress error is triggered at the moment.

    Jason Cardy’s colours again, great news. Any only a few more issues till it beats the Gen2 comic run as well. Woot.

  2. simon furman says:

    Mm. I’ve tried again and same problem. Seems to be some sort of corruption in the file. Let me see if Titan can re-supply the image. Sorry ’bout this, folks.

  3. bassbot says:

    no worries, and also, feel free to let the IDW TF spoilers flow!!!

  4. Carlos says:

    just right-click and “save target as”. You can view it from your hard disk using windows picture viewer or any other program.


  5. Paul Ridgon says:

    It’s looking really nice. Gotta say tho, Jason’s colours really bring out the best in the pencils. JT’s got a GREAT pencil style, but Jason just enhances it to the nth degree. Can’t wait to see this published with dialogue…

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