It’s been a while in the making (hey, we have to do some paying work too!), but finally the Transformers Mosaic one-page story written by me is finally ready for your delectation. The question will be asked, inevitably, if ‘Hail and Farewell’ (click on the thumbnail below) is ‘canon’ in terms of the in-progress Infiltration/Escalation/Devastation series. And the answer is emphatically ‘YES.” And boy does it tease big-time! Set two years hence, a lot’s happened to our Hunter O’Nion/Sunstreaker combo. I shall say no more. Credit where credit’s due for Steve Buccellato (and check out the amazing Mad Science Media too), who both pencilled and coloured the story, Don Hudson who inked it and Richard Starkings/Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft who lettered it (check out the wonderful Hip Flask here), all of whom gave generously of their precious time in the name of Transformers fandom. And thanks also to Shaun Knowler and Josh Van Reyk who set the estimable Mosaic project up in the first place, and IDW’s Chris Ryall (who kindly let us ‘play’ in the IDW/TF-verse). Now… enjoy (and let me have your comments!).


22 Responses to MOSAIC A-GO-GO!

  1. Terome says:

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! It’s spoiler city, and I’m the mayor!
    Always wondered why Hunter didn’t seem too bothered about missing his family. There’s a good, sad explanation for that. These upcoming storylines sound really promising. Very fitting that we’re getting this reveal around the same time that the fan community has pieced it all together.

    Looking forward to seeing this all unfold!

  2. Dawfydd says:

    A nice little insight into Hunter backstory, but more importantly what a tease! ‘Streaker Vs Scorp? Teaming wth the Dinobots? Impending ‘Con invasion + other dimensions?

  3. bassbot says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Awesome all over Simon!!!

  4. Beachcomber says:

    Don’t need to say what a pleasure and honor it was to present this through TF:M! Big thanks go out to everyone who donated their time to this special treat for the fans!

    Hey Simon, by the by, are you doing SDCC this year?

  5. Martin says:

    This is great, Kinda surprised that Sunstreaker seems to remain as a Headmaster after everything. I was hoped he’d get rescued and be back to his usual self afterwards. But still, more character growth/ change this way I suppose.

    I’ve got 7 Mosaics to be published, and another 24 in the works. Happy days.

    Simon, when’s your first UK signing this year?

  6. Chris N says:

    … waitasec.


    Holy moses I never saw… no, sorry, I can’t keep a straight face and type that. Sorry. 😦

    Dinobots & Hunter. Hrm. Sounds like there’s a reference in there somewhere… but I’m not sure what to… o_0

    Cracking stuff.

    I’m guessing the other dimension is our old friend The Dead Universe.

  7. Thunderwing says:

    I still love the whole concept of someone like Sunstreaker being permanently bonded to what he previously saw as an inferior lifeform. Makes for nice characterization possibilities.

    Anyway, great stuff and I can’t wait to see Sideswipe’s take on this in the main book down the road!

  8. Starfield says:

    So now we know the Dynobots change their name to Dinobots somewhere along the way!

  9. NuclearConvoy says:

    Wow! Now, while I distinctly woulda prefered a de-headmasterifying of Ol’ Sunny, I can without a doubt say that this teaser has managed to get me very, very excited for the upcoming events in the IDWniverse. Good on you, mate!

  10. I like indeed!

    Definite character development here – though I’m VERY curious as to just how much overlap there’s gonna be. Right now it seems like it’s all Hunter.

    And for that matter, there’s the pressing issue of Sunstreaker’s head and Spark. If Hunter’s a serious problem, couldn’t the Machination just, you know, KILL Sunstreaker? I’m kind of confused as to what’s happened with that – unless Hunter recovers ‘Streaker’s original body or something.

    Finally – so, is the art depiction of the head accurate? I got the impression Hunter’s suit was slightly different than the other Machination ones. I have to be honest – I don’t like the overwhelming detail and red eyes on the Headmaster heads for a regular character.

    Here’s hoping somebody does a Headmaster custom for Universe Sunstreaker! I want my Machination/Hunter drones.

  11. Starfield says:

    General Tekno,

    I didn’t get the impression that it was all Hunter. I think he is all Hunter/Sunstreaker. Even as he went in the house it was Hunter/Sunstreaker that went in. He said he was no longer just Hunter O’Nion.

    That’s the impression I got anyway. I would guess they recovered Sunstreaker’s real body and original head.

    Very interesting!

  12. Joe Q. says:

    Havent you once hated Headmasters?

  13. `Straya says:

    I don’t know how else to say it… Reading the IDW comics as of late has done a hell of a job in getting me screaming and squealing at the same time. Devastation #4 came real close to sending me into a frothing fanrage over Verity and Jimmy. I know a lot of fans didn’t like them from the start, but I love all three of those kids and as I read that issue on my work lunch break, I spent the rest of my shift in a funk over it. …my god, what a geek I must sound like. But Devastation #5 almost had me jumping up and down, and now you give us this Mosaic? I’m excited. Seriously, seriously excited. Hunter is beyond awesome and I’m stoked to see how all those little spoilery tidbits actually pan out. I hope he gets out there and kicks some serious aft. Go get ’em, kid! *waves flag*


  14. Shadowprime says:

    Nicely done, kinda reminds me of doctor who though, although instead of being dumped by the ol doctor, Hunter has to stay with Sunstreaker.

  15. So uh, I’m confused. Mostly because I still havent recieved Dev #5 cuz my mail sucks. but um, Is Hunter the headmaster of Sunstreaker’s (original) body and where is the original head? cuz’ sorry but that sure wasnt Sunny’s face. Besides if Sunstreaker is a head and Hunter is the headmaster… doesnt that leave no body? Or two heads on one body (two headed Sunstreaker!) It’s a little dissappointing Sunstreaker ends up like this… Somebody better break the news gentley to Sideswipe ‘cuz he won’t be happy about it.

    And about the humas, I’m kinda with Straya there. Yes I am more interested in the transformers not them. But they were alot more interesting then say Daniel or the Aramada kids. Why did you guys use so much time in Infiltration introducing them if they killed in a one panel shot and the only one who cared about it there was ol’ Ratchet. And if this is resolved in Dev #5 please disregard any of this.

    One last thing, Simon, you said Sideswipe was a “permantly angry” character? Really? He’s alot more fun loving then say Prowl… or his brother. He invented Jet Judo for cryin out loud. He’s a smart mouth with a a bad boy streak in him. If Sideswipe is so “permanly angry” it’s probably because his twins head got lopped off and is being used as some humans Science Project” . SO yeah I would be permantly angry too if somebody ddi that to my sibling. But still maybe we can have a spotlight on the twins in a happier time together. That’s what I want to see. It’s a shame sunsteaker is so “permantly damaged” now.

  16. Jon S says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that Hunter’s last name is “O’Nion”!!!

  17. Conor E says:

    I quite like that it didn’t really spoil all that much.

    Hunter and Sunstreaker as partners? That seemed like an obvious conclusion. And we shouldn’t be surprised they don’t die anytime soon given the amount of time spent setting them up.

    Scorponok? Even ignoring the hints so far, at the very least we know he’s still alive from the end of the Ultra Magnus spotlight.

    Dinobots? They’re almost dug up, so they should be turning up soon anyway.

    Another dimension? *cough*Dead Universe*cough*

    And I don’t care what anyone else thinks, Hunter and Verity are pretty much the only human main characters in Transformers I’ve liked.

  18. mr.terrific says:

    The Sunstreaker-as-headmaster really threw me for a curve, particularly given that Hardhead and Nightbeat were already on the ground in the series.

    And now the change is permanent. Really, there is a lot of potential here, not the least of which is the reaction with Sideswipe.

    It’s mean to toy with us this way… LOL

  19. Call me CJ says:

    Agree with Kage-Jaganshi here. I was not only disappointed, but honestly a bit traumatized as a Sunstreaker fan. There are actually a lot of us who like Sunny — some speculate on the life history (never explored in canon to my knowledge) that turned out such an odd and unstable mech, while others (myself included) just enjoy his arrogance and attitude as a refreshing change from the “goody two-shoes” model of Autobot.

    Is Sunstreaker — the person he truly is, his Spark, his memories, his personality — honestly going to be gone forever, merged with a human into some unrecognizable thing (with a hideous face to boot)? And how will that affect Sideswipe? If I’m not mistaken, Simon, you were at least one of the minds behind the idea of twins sort of “sharing a Spark.” So haven’t you destroyed or at least seriously damaged two characters with this? (Three if you count Hunter, but at this point I honestly couldn’t care less about the human. He hasn’t had a lot of time to grow on me, whereas I’ve been a fan of the twins for years.)

    If that really is the case, I may just stick with the Spotlights. The main story arc so far has been a serious downer, and this would about be the icing on the cake. It isn’t the quality of writing I’m objecting to — the story has been a big plus for the most part, a very new and unique look on Transformers, as you promised. But… but… BUT I can’t get over Sunstreaker, of all characters, being forced to merge with a human, and apparently losing his very self in the process. It’s not fair to his character (which was never given a decent exploration and is long due one), it’s not fair to Sideswipe, it’s not fair to Hunter, and to fans of the twins it’s almost a knife in the abdomen. This Mosaic hasn’t done much for me other than confirm my worst fears about Sunny’s fate, and the spoilers aren’t really much of a shocker, I’m with Conor E on that. I wish you could’ve left us with at least some vestige of hope.

    Is there any hope left, Simon? I’m asking this as a big fan of yours who’s beginning to feel betrayed, mainly for the sake of one of my favorite characters. I know you said you would say no more, but can you give this one saddened fan any hopeful hint, however vague, about Sunstreaker — the REAL Sunstreaker we know and love/hate? Something beyond the cryptic “You’ll have to wait and see”? Because I’m not sure how much more of this I can take, and I need something to brighten my mood after reading this. Please…

  20. Violetlight says:

    I have to agree with the other posters here who don’t like the whole Headmaster plotline. If I wanted to read fiction about piloted mechs, there are LOTs of options, which I don’t think I need to list here. “Giant Fighting Robots” is a genre in itself in Japan. What makes Transformers so unique is that the mechs ARE the characters. They are sentient beings in their own right; they don’t need pilots! The whole concept of Headmasters destroys that uniqueness — makes them no different from the average Gundam. There’s a reason why the Headmasters series didn’t make it to North America in the first place.

    To subject Sunstreaker, one of the few Autobots to see humans as the insignificant, short-lived lifeforms that they are, to this humilating process is worse than any torture the most sadistic Decepticon could do to him. Like CJ has pointed out, you have neglected how this will affect Sideswipe. That’s a plothole you could lose an entire convoy of Autobots in.

    Just because these are comics does not give you the excuse to be an irresponsible writer. Please come up with some quality storylines soon, or be prepared to have fanfiction writers coming up with better stuff than the pros.

  21. joeformer says:

    ok amazing but you really need to have hasbro make figures of these. Make classics 2.0 headmasters pleaseeeeee. Or make this toy pleaseeeeeee. lol Awsomestory keep em coming. hope to see more of this in all hail megatron.

  22. Jeff Steele says:

    This is a great Transformers Mosaic, Simon! 🙂

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