In stores this week โ€” the final all-out issue of Transformers Devastation (#6)! Should be Wednesday 27th in the US, a day later in the UK. Warning: possible spoilers ahoy! So what can you expect? Well, a glance at EJ Su’s gleefully nightmarish cover (click on the thumbnail below) should give you some idea. At last… Galvatron makes his presence well and truly felt in the ‘ongoing.’ Help for the beleaguered Decepticons comes from an unlikely direction as the Reapers threaten to end their (previously covert) occupation of Earth once and for all (which, ironically, would then spell the end for planet Earth). All I’ll say is, it ain’t pretty, and not everyone makes it out alive! Plus, the ‘head’ of the Machination is finally revealed (and if anyone hasn’t got that revelation already, go to the back of the class!). Hunter/Sunstreaker ‘get it on’ (in a Headmasterly way), Hardhead faces a tough decision, Nightbeat gets a blast of deja vu and a certain Jhiaxus makes his full IDW debut! As some things wrap up (really wrap up!), other stuff (Dead Universe, Dinobots) comes barrelling to the forefront. Do not miss this one. Just don’t! Story is by me, art by EJ Su. Details of all IDW’s Transformers titles can be found on their website.


  1. Dawfydd says:

    ohhhhhh. Pretty….

  2. matthewhessey says:

    Curse you Simon Furman! You’re gonna make me drive out to my local (ish) comic shop again, aren’t you! Just know global warming is all your fault! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    By the way, have you managed to read my script yet?

  3. BB Shockwave says:

    Can’t wait to read it, Simon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Man, I feel sorry for the poor Reapers already… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Judging from what Galvy did in his Spotlight, I don’t think anyone could take him out – he’s already dead, for starters, plus uber-powerfull too.

    What I’m really looking forward to is, how Megatron handles the return of Starscream and the – apparent – popularity he has among his current troops. Given the situation, I’m really getting old vibes – I bet you remember that cover of Marvel UK #286 with Starscream patting Grimlock on the back with the caption “Friends at last?” ๐Ÿ˜€ Guess Megs will have to put up with his traitorous liutenant… at least until the Reapers are dealt with.

    One question though – now that it’s official that “All Hail Megatron” is in the main IDW continuity, can you drop us any hints if you’re working together with Shane McCarthy on the project? Will it be an integral part of the storyline, tying together Devastation and Revelation (if I recall right that’s next), just like Stormbringer did?

    Once again, thanks for writing such great stories! ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes me feel all young again when I was waiting at the comic book store at the beginnig of every month, annoying the clerk by asking him every day if the TF Marvel comic was out already… until it was!

  4. Looks good indeed.

    I second the comments on All Hail Megatron – I hope that you and Shane worked fairly closely on this, so as to make sure nothing contradicts what’s already been done.

    Have to say though – the dialog had better be good in the Galvatron/Reaper battle. Especially considering that Galvatron fills essentially the same role as the Reapers – he’s the errand boy called in to tie up loose ends/mete out death and destruction.

  5. partholon says:

    i have to admit su’s covers just keep getttin better and better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    cant wait for this one, i just hope its in. theres something up in ireland and all comics are comin in a week or two behind schedule so could only be posting about this in a fortnight (look at it this way , arcee STILL hasnt hit my comic shops yet . the lads on the IDW boards are killing me with the reviews !)

  6. Spazma says:

    Why do I get the feeling like Blitzwings going to die in this issue

    Poor guys already been slagged in Infiltration and Escalation..

  7. Justin says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow!

  8. bassbot says:

    yeah EJ is the man, his covers are awesome.
    so great that this is this week, and it’s got a killer Mosaic in the back!!!

  9. Elensaar says:

    I’m so psyched about this I can hardly wait! Really looking forward to see how this plays out… Thanks for the great stories Simon, this series is definitely doingour favourite bots justice!

  10. Liam Shalloo says:

    loved reading it mate, really wrapped things up nicely, that hardhead bit was cool

  11. TaterX says:

    Nice! It just keeps getting better and better. After all these years your stuff never gets old Mr. Furman.

  12. Big C says:

    Hey Simon,

    I posted a few thoughts on this issue on the IDW forum and thought I’d crosspost it here to your blog. Sorry this is a bit long, but overall I thought this was a great ending to the Devastation series.

    Here goes:

    This was a good ending to the series. There was much devastation, and some great character interaction moments. This set up for All Hail Megatron looks very promising. Good bits:

    – Galvatron’s behind-the-scenes “helping hand” was nice! I was expecting Galvatron to reveal himself to the Earthbound Decepticons as a “loyal recruit” but it was a good move to have him remain in the shadows for now.

    – The Deathbringer homage was also great! That was a nice hearkening back to one of Simon’s original Marvel UK stories without being a lame rehash. It was also a nice touch that the Deathbringer was made literally into what he is by Galvatron’s dead universe touch. This is similar to how the corrupted Matrix perverted the original Deathbringer in the Marvel UK story because it wanted to learn about death. And we’ve already had some speculation that the dead universe has become what it is because Nova Prime had the Matrix when he entered it. So maybe Galvatron’s deadite powers come directly from the Matrix itself? And thus the Deathbringer is again touched (indirectly) by the power of the Matrix as he was back in the old UK story. Cool!

    – Hot Rod and Hardhead’s parting moment. Gives us a nice insight on both characters and their motivations.

    – Runabout and Runamuck’s last stand. Also gives us a quick view into their relationship (possibly brothers?) and their friendship for each other. Poor guys. And apparently the other Decepticons (at least Astrotrain) didn’t hold them in much regard. But they went out in style!

    – Starscream and Megatron’s reconciliation. This was also a great homage. Starscream rededicates himself to the Decepticons and Megatron, and once again wields Megatron in battle (but for the first time in the IDW universe). Just about all their dialog was dead-on. I also liked how Megatron was still ready to thrash Blitzwing (and probably everyone else) after the battle was won. And we know Starscream’s still plotting for his eventual overthrow of Megatron! But their alliance must hold for now until they can subjugate Earth. Nice to see they’re both Decepticons, first and foremost.

    – The Decepticon beat-down on the Reapers. Sure, they had a little help from ol’ Galvy, but they still rocked!

    – Nightbeat gets his groove (er, memory) back! Looking forward to where that leads, and finding out what exactly was done to Nightbeat by Galvatron. (And did he destroy the facsimile back in Escalaltion?)

    This was a very meaty, very momentous issue, and overall I felt satisfied. However, being a cantankerous longtime Transfan, I can’t leave with no criticisms! So, there were a bunch of small, niggling things that irked me a bit, which alone don’t amount to much, but taken together leave me just a wee bit disappointed with the conclusion of Devastation:

    – Ironhide’s rescue is resolved off-screen!?!? That’s a bit of a letdown. Could we have had even a panel indicated that they had found and positively ID’ed his chassis so that Hardhead could teleport him back to the Ark? A previous poster mentioned that he is pictured in a couple of panels in the last issue, which I completely missed, but found today. However, it’s not clear that really was Ironhide, and Hot Rod doesn’t even mention that he found him in the last issue, and the art does not make it stand out for the reader. And Wheeljack was down for the count since last issue just because he got some cars toppled on him? He couldn’t even dig himself out and make an appearance here? I thought Wheeljack was a bit tougher than that.

    – Okay, so Scorponok’s big reveal is not a surprise. However, it’s still a mystery how he got messed up in the first place. I thought we might at least get a clue to that by the end of Devastation. I went back and looked through my Spotlight Ultra Magnus, and I see at the end that Magnus got a shot at Scorpy’s head before he managed to escape. However, the art in Magnus makes it look like a glancing blow that does little or no damage, while in Dev #6 Scorpy’s got a hole the size of the Grand Canyon in his face. Was Magnus’ shot really the cause of that damage? If so, that explains Scorponok’s extended stay on Earth to perfect the Headmaster process. If not, there’s a Scorponok Spotlight that needs telling.

    – Also, what happened to Mo (Lord) Zarak? I held out hope that he wasn’t dead and could be repaired since he had already been modified in Magnus. I thought he would show up here, or perhaps be Mr. Dante in disguise. Guess he really is dead and was just a prototype (not really a critique, but just me realizing I was wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

    – This final issue of Dev opened a can of worms regarding the Headmaster process and the whole Spark/Brain Transformer life question. When Simon had his Q&A in January he said he’d try to be more consistent about this, but this issue just confused me. When Simon answered during the Q&A, he said:

    The two key elements to me are neural processor (brain) and Spark core (โ€˜soulโ€™). Take out either one of those, and youโ€™re dead, gone, etc. Mind you, both are heavily shielded. Even a headshot (such as in Spotlight Ultra Magnus) might not necessarily destroy the processor … Though we havenโ€™t shown it as such, in the case of disembodied heads (such as Sunstreaker in Devastation), Iโ€™m working on the principle that the head is still hooked up to the Spark core (which has either been removed to a place of safekeeping or the original body preserved). The one canโ€™t function without the other. I do mean to pay stricter attention to the physical limits of Transformers in upcoming arcs and series.

    But in Dev #6 we see “HunStreaker” leaving the original Sunstreaker head behind (assuming hunter combined with Sunstreaker’s original body which has his Sparkcore — and the Machination guys kept the original body in pretty great condition considering they didn’t need it anymore). But couldn’t the Machination just destroy the original Sunstreaker head to kill Sunstreaker? Or did Sunstreaker’s mind “download” into the new Hunter head? Does this also explain Scorponok’s “rebirth” (heh heh)? Is the old Scorponok head now empty with Scorponok’s core consciousness transfered to Dante? I think this could have been made clearer with just a couple lines of exposition. Unless this is fodder for future stories exploring the finer points of Headmasters?

    – Well, this isn’t really a criticism, but a comment on the shortsightedness of Dante. He wants immortality by being the head of a giant alien robot? His life is basically over. He’s a core component in another organism. How much control does he think he gets to exert over Scorponok? I can’t see that being very satisfying for a human being; even if you get to live forever, you can’t indulge in any of your human desires. But hey, maybe Dante and Scorponok’s partnership will be further explored. I did love the evolution of Scorponok back in Marvel G1 days (but that was decidedly one-sided in Zarak’s favor then).

    – I actually didn’t notice this while I was reading the issue, but I was reminded when it was mentioned by another poster: we got no update on the fates of Jimmy and Verity! Not even a single line or panel to indicate whether or not they’re alive, dead, or vegetables? Well, I won’t take off points for this, since the rest of the issue made me forget about them completely, there was more than enough story here to justify leaving Jimmy and Verity as a cliffhanger. Still, it’s a long wait to Revelation (I’m guessing Prime and the Autobots won’t figure prominently in All Hail Megatron).

    Okay, I admit I’m being a bit anal, here, but hey, I’m a Transfan right? It’s what we do! Still, even with these critical points, I thought it was a kick-butt issue. Thanks for making Devastation live up to its name!

  13. bassbot says:

    wow. looks so long compared to on the idw boards… heh heh. but well thought out points.
    my main thought is that i’m sure Simon has something in store for Ironhide.

  14. Jazzblack says:

    Underwhelming. Too many loose ends. Too many characters. The defeat of the Reapers was not credible. Too many superpowered and nearly indestructible characters on the scene; Scorponok, Megatron, Galvatron, Sixshot, Nemesis Prime.

    This issue does not compare to infilitration issue 6 and escalation issue 6.

  15. Chris N says:

    Scorponok must be pretty destructible to have ended up just a head like that.

    And as for Sixshot, I wouldn’t put too much stock in a character that can be bitchslapped by some magic words.

    Enjoyed the issue. Disappointed by the lack of Wheeljack and Ironhide… after five issues of searching, would have been nice to see them find him.

    And I think we all know the Decepticons wouldn’t have needed Galvatron’s intervention if Ratbat had the class to get involved. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Roll on the next arc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. simon furman says:

    Matthewhessey, I’m sorry, I haven’t got around to reading your script yet. As my long absence doing replies here tends to suggest, I’ve just been buried.

    BB Shockwave, pretty much all I’m doing is setting things up for Shane to take or leave in All Hail Megatron. It’s very much his series.

    Hey, Big C, thanks for the (epic) summation of Devastation #6. I realize stuff like getting Ironhide back got resolved off-panel, but it was an issue already bursting at the seams. Should have squeezed in a panel but it would have looked that way, ‘squeezed in’. It just didn’t seem to fit the outro to the issue, the way it panned out. Soon as I can, I’ll give you all a full update on Ironhide’s status/condition. Scorponok, meanwhile, will get the full ‘what happened inbetweeen’ treatment soon. All I’ll say about the head wound is, there was knock-on damage, stuff that exceeded even the remit of a C.R. Chamber. And as for Dante, remember his earlier statement about “a new lease of life.” That will be explained in due course.

    Jazzblack, sorry you felt the issue was lacking. Not sure what you mean by ‘credible’ though. We’ve yet to explore what it is the Dead Universe cast are/can do, so right right now anything’s credible, it’s just the explanation that may or may not be.

    And just generally, thanks to one and all for the feedback. It’s much appreciated.

  17. bassbot says:

    so, with Shane taking on AHM and going gung ho with it, where does that leave you for afterwards? if there is an afterwards? you moving to mars soon?

  18. BB Shockwave says:

    Thanks for the info, Simon!

    I loved this issue – many, many nods made me feel like I’m 10 years younger and reading the old Marvel G1 comic again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially Nightbeat’s ‘it’s a mystery” exclamation. Plus headmasters, Galvy, Scorponok, Grimlock, Hot Rod going AWOL again… this one had it all!

    But I also shed some tears for the poor Battlechargers… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They were some of my favourite decepticons. Really loved those two hoodlums. Of course, I understand this epic battle wouldn’t have been credible without casualties… Their deaths seems pretty final (at least Runamuck’s does), though if you plan on bringing them back much later, drop us a hint please? I know that nothing’s impossible in a comic… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Am I thinking right that Roddy will soon ask his ‘old buddy’ Dealer to come and help him out? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and Jhiaxus… I’m betting it was not just artistic freedom on Nick’s side that he looks so much different from the standard Transformer design, right? I’m betting he made some experiments on himself as well… he looks like he represents a whole new generation of Cybertronians.

    Thanks again for bringing us such an epic ending to this saga! Can’t wait for Revelations now!

  19. Terome says:

    Simon, kudos to you for deftly organising a big cast shift-up. I’m very much looking forward to the ‘new’ cast of Autobots on Earth and the possibility of seeing Prime, Prowl and the merry gang pitted against Banzaitron’s lurking menace out there in the stars. With so many Decepticon high-rankers and persons of note on Earth, it’ll be highly interesting to see what the bulk of the Decepticon army will get up to.

    It’s exactly this sort of thing that keeps a long-running series fresh and enjoyable to read, and with the knowledge that Transformers has suffered ill-conceived sweeping cast changes in the past, it’s a welcome thing to see one pulled off with grace.

  20. Charles RB says:

    Devastation #5 and #6 just don’t match the quality and breakneck pace of the first four issues for me – I think my problem is that it doesn’t feel like the final two issues of a 6-part miniseries, as the focus switches from “Sixshot thrown at Autobots” to “Reapers VS Cons”. It feels more like a 2-part Decepticon story in an ongoing title (and if I read it that way it works better) than the end of a story.

    On the plus side, while the Reapers never worked for me as characters, they have allowed for some Decepticon character focus and disposable opponents for a cool fight scene; the Autobots leaving Earth behind to fend for itself, with seemingly _four_ sinister Transformer villain-factions there with plans, also has me waiting for the next installment. The Hot Rod/Hardhead moment was another good ‘un.

    And Hunter finally goes Headmaster! I wish he’d done this earlier, because I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of him cutting loose against Scorponok.

  21. BB Shockwave says:

    Simon, a quick question – you probably already know about Chris Ryall’s blog update, in which he revealed that ‘Revalations’ will be told in four Spotlights, ending the current storyline.

    Some fans speculated on various message boards that this also means that the whole saga you’ve started years ago with Infiltration will come to a end… could you please confirm if that’s true? I certainly hope not – there are so many more characters yet to explore, and I’m really curious about one of your remarks that we might see the Leige Maximo in the future…

    Thanks in advance, and I hope we can read your G1 stories for a long, long time to come… (not to mention BW, which I hope gets third mini-story arc too)!


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