The news is out: the next main arc in the IDW/TF-verse series will indeed (as previously reported) be Revelation, but instead of the usual 6-issue format it’ll play out over four interconnected Spotlights (Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe). Expect major plotlines to be resolved as the last of the -ions (for the foreseeable) brings the Dead Universe storyline (that’s been bubbling under ever since Spotlight: Nightbeat) to a suitably shattering conclusion. I’ll be doling out the usual Script (W)raps in due course, so I’ll be drip-feeding my own revelations over the coming weeks/months, but for now let’s just say that the Spotlight format remains intact, with a solid character arc in each of the four issues, plus… fallout from Stormbringer, Spotlight Hot Rod, Spotlight Nightbeat, Spotlight Galvatron, Spotlight Arcee and more. And when I say fallout, I mean it. The lives and destinies of numerous main characters are altered forever as two universes clash explosively. Oh, and don’t think this is the end. There’s another series (no, not The 13 or All Hail Megatron) to come, one set firmly in the ‘-ion’ continuity. More on this soon! 08 is SO going to blow you away!

21 Responses to REVELATIONS!

  1. Thunderwing says:

    So, what happened to “Expansion” then?

    Is this going to have a clash with Nemesis Prime?

    I’m sure you can pull it off, but it just seems weird if this is going to be a big blowout to have focuses on single characters during it.

  2. BB Shockwave says:

    Wow, can’t wait to see the Dead Universe’s secret finally revealed! And I’m glad to hear it from you that this isn’t the end of the ‘-ion’ continuity, there are still so many threads to resolve there…

    I just wish IDW would change this ‘g1’ continuity into an ongoing. I think your style comes off best when you’re not constrained into 4/6-issue story arcs, like when you were writing Dreamwave’s Armada/Energon comic, and gave us great 1-2 issue stories between epic sagas. I know the current format – 6 issue stories plus character-centered spotlights – is pretty similar, but, well, call me nostalgic, I like the ongoing format better.

  3. Ryan Button says:

    Oh you big tease. 😛

  4. Chris N says:

    Fallout from Stormbringer? Hot Rod? Nightbeat? Arcee?

    I think we all know what this means. Oh yes.

    Darkwing and Dreadwind break Skyjack out of Garrus-9, then go search for the Magnificence on Gorlam Prime.

    It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

    And I, for one, can’t wait.

  5. Luke H. says:

    Does anyone know of a resource online that sums up what’s gone on so far and how the various Spotllights relate? I’ve kind of lost enthusiasm for the BIG story as it’s gotten a little overwhelming. I feel like I’m following the main miniseries plot overall but I’ve missed a few Spotlights.

  6. Peter W says:

    Spotlight/four issue format? Sounds good.

    Any chance after the Revelation arc you’ll be writing some spotlights on the supporting cast from the “-tion” title? Bumblebee, Jazz, Wheeljack, Thundercracker etc. … It’d be nice if some of characters from Infiltration could get some more screen time.

  7. Dawfydd says:

    Hell, I’m just happy that Hardhead’s actually got some decent story-action…

  8. azurek says:

    Cyclonus at last :):):):) Can’t wait. On behalf of the whole Poland: great work Mr Furman

  9. Jon S says:

    With all the various subplots that have been building up through the previous series and spotlights, I would think you would need the 6 issue format to finish off Revelations properly, or is it just the Dead Universe plotline that is being finished up, paving the way for future stories as hinted in the Sunstreaker Mosaic story?

  10. Stu F. says:

    hey Luke H, go to, and type in IDW Timeline. it’s pretty much what you’re looking for!

  11. bassbot says:

    was Expansion EVER touted as coming after Revelations? I know that the word itself was used in the book, by Nemesis and others, but where was it said by Simon or Chris Ryall that it would be an actual series?

    Even if it was, I’m happy to understand that creative things change. And also very glad that it’s all going to continue afterwards. More and more, great work Simon, can’t wait for Revelations/Spotlights.

  12. simon furman says:

    OK. The plain fact is even the best laid plans/storylines need to adapt and evolve as they advance (over a three-year period), especially when new elements enter the mix (such as All Hail Megatron and my other upcoming IDW/TF-universe story). So yes, we’re drawing a line under the Dead Universe saga, and yes it’s in a different format, but that doesn’t mean it’s a big full stop. Far from it. And the stuff I had (mentally) prepared for Expansion may still happen, just later or in a different form. Where we go from here is limited only by our collective imaginations. Trust me, this isn’t an ending, just a series of potential beginnings…

  13. simon furman says:

    Oh, and azurek, I’m very glad to hear (as my father was Polish) that there are Polish TF fans! Say hi to the whole of Poland for me.

  14. partholon says:

    thanks for the clarification simon. i think people were kinda scared that we were back in cancellation territory again , afterall its happened nearly a dozen times if you count all the different iterations ,so all this is good news. my only conscern is my retailer doesnt back the spotlights so getting em is hard. i had intended to go to trade format after wheelie so i wouldnt have to run the chance of missing one but seeing as the next set is revelation ill have to look at that.

    its great to here theres plans for YEARS down the road so im sure even if it takes years we’ll get all the subplots sorted. cant wait to hear whats coming instead as it must be big to buck the plans already laid. 🙂

  15. Chris N says:

    On reflection, it actually makes sense for the Dead Universe story to wrap-up in the Spotlights.

    Given that the bulk of the arc has been in the Spotlights, and that they are theoretically seperate to the “main” book.

    15 “standalone” tales that drop bits of the story, followed by a four-issue extravaganza where it all goes off. Stops a situation where people who’ve only been following the ongoing are stuck with an arc where they have no idea what’s happening.

    The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Restrict it to the title where most of the events have occurred.


  16. That’s somewhat more reassuring, Simon.

    And Chris N’s reasoning behind Revelation being in spotlights makes a LOT of sense. We’ve only gotten hints of the Dead Universe saga in the main books.

    So are you saying that Revelations isn’t going to be the absolute end of the Dead Universe saga? I can’t see Nova Prime and Jhiaxus as baddies that can be beat in 4 issues.

    I get the impression Unicron had more buildup in the G1 Marvel comics. The problem here is that whereas we knew more about Unicron, and we had a long buildup, there was still that overwhelming feeling of dread as we knew he was coming – plus, the story focused around his coming for some time.

    With the Dead Universe, we know NOTHING about it. Not to mention all the plot threads left dangling by you.

  17. paul says:

    Looking forward to this.

    I jsut wish IDW would you use a decent artist. EJ Su and Nick Roch are their weakest graphic talent. Simon deserves somone of Alex Milne’s calibre to detail his stories

  18. Tom says:

    I’m more confused now. Is this particular universe of Transformers stopping for now? Do they want you to work on some other Transformers universe (Beast Wars, The Movie(s), The Animated Series, etc) instead?

    Heh… I’m actually surprised at my own concern. I had resisted reading this restart for a while because I was still in denial about Dreamwave’s demise. More the fool was I.

    Long story short, I sure hope that this series of stories doesn’t go the way of War Within. :::::fingers crossed:::::

  19. Simon_L says:

    So is this the end for Nova/Nemesis Prime and the first ark? I hope to see him again if the possibility remains.

    I can’t wait to see where we go from here though I read on that you’re writing Spotlight: Wheelie.

  20. Jason says:

    Okay – I’m not a fanboy, I don’t scour the net for the latest snippets, I just like to read the comics – so what exactly is IDW doing with TF now?

    What I want to know is basically this – is the series (Infiltration, Stormbringer, Escvalation, Devastation, the Spotlights) continuing, with Simon Furman writing it, or not? Because that’s all that matters to me – more TF, continuing this storyline from this re-boot, with that writer (Transformers is written by Furman or it doesn’t count – simple, really :).

    All the bits and pieces I’ve seen in the last half an hour of net seacheing give me very little to go on apart from standard marketing rubbish, which is designed to say very little with quite a large number of words (which is not surprising, what my searches have come up with are, after all, IDW’s marketing press releases).

    I don’t care if its a long series or a few more mini-series – I viewed it all as one series anyway, just with interesting names for different sections.

    A clear, unambiguous statement of what will happen would be nice.

  21. Hasief says:

    Awesome cover art Chris showed us at . I’m also glad to hear that the bookend Spotlights that EJ Su (my favourite TF artist at the moment) is illustrating will be Sideswipe, my most cherished childhood character. Was a bit let down that he didn’t make the cut in the Infiltration team, but I’ve loved his brief appearances to date, and I’m excited that he’s getting his own Spotlight. Can’t wait.

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