As a certain Wheelie might say. Almost forgotten, unfairly so, in the general hubbub surrounding the announcement of June’s Spotlight: Cyclonus, the first of the four ‘Revelation’ themed Spotlights, is the similarly June shipping and wholly notable Spotlight: Wheelie. Notable because, apart from the fact that Wheelie is possibly the last Transformers character many (myself included) thought would ever merit a Spotlight, my involvement (as writer) is far more backseat than usual. This is very much a team effort with artist/colourist Klaus Scherwinski, who came up with the original premise for the story, convinced me to get involved (no mean feat) and worked with me closely on developing the idea into a working and well-rounded story. In fact, it’s fair to say that Klaus has been the driving force behind the whole project, and his sheer enthusiasm for the character (not to mention artistic skill) got me trying my absolute best to make it one no one should miss, both in terms of the story itself and it’s place in the wider scheme of things. Really, though, at this stage my job is only half done (so this is kind of half a Script (W)rap). Given how involved he was from the ground up, it seemed a waste of Klaus’s amazing storytelling abilities to do this as a full script, so I reverted to what has become known as Marvel-style plot, wherein you describe whole scenes, broken down in clutches of pages, and then hand it over to the artist. Then, once the art comes along, you add in the dialog. Of course, a lot of that dialog is already there, based on our back-and-to discussions and Klaus’s own breakdown-stage notes. It’s been a fun and refreshing change of pace, and I’m looking forward to stage 2, which is pulling all the dialog together as finished pages roll in. So what can you expect from Spotlight: Wheelie? Well, a really solid, character-led story for a start. For a large part, it’s just Wheelie, doing his level best to survive against all the odds. Then there’s a certain trio of Decepticons making their debut, plus a last-but-one page shocker that’ll just floor you! And ties into stuff that’s in the works for 09 and beyond! Oh, and we even get into why (by the end of the issue at least) Wheelie talks in rhyming couplets. As far as Spotlights go, we really think this one is the full ticket. Who’da thunk it!!


  1. Dawfydd says:

    Oddly enough Simon, I’ve been suprised by how much I’m now looking forward to this Spotlight. Who’dve thought anyone would want to read about Wheelie?
    I am intriqued however, by this trio of Decepticons. I’ve got an idea who it might be, I just can’t remember their names….GAAAHHH!!!!

  2. Hasief says:

    Well I’d buy this regardless, purely out of good faith. But having Klaus on board seals the deal in iron-clad, uhhh, iron. At the very least it should look amazing, and I have to admit I’m very curious as to what it is about Wheelie that would possess Klaus to be that passionate about getting this Spotlight into existence. This all sounds too good to be trye, I’m still trying to convince myself that it isn’t an elaborate pre-April Fool’s prank…

  3. Woo!

    I was hoping you wouldn’t ditch the rhyming scheme in “reinventing” him.

    It’s one of those things that’s just so trademark about him.

  4. Terome says:

    Oh, please be the Firecons. Please be the Firecons. They are so ridiculous it would be a crime to not use them.

  5. Steve says:

    I’m going to plump for the Insecticons. Really looking forward to this. Just the fact that Wheelie is so hated by some parts of the fandom makes it worth picking up. I want to see how you and Klaus rise to the challenge of making Wheelie cool.

  6. Chris N says:

    God yes. Firecons please!

    I am actually quite excited now.

  7. MistaTee says:

    Decepticon Trio….
    Hook, Line and Sinker? Wheelie becomes a rapping herald of Unicron? 😉

  8. Ithilin says:

    Can’t be the Insecticons, they showed up in Blaster (see Beachcomber’s flashback!).
    Firecons make more sense, look at the beastly shadow over looking Wheelie on the cover art that’s been released.

  9. byprimus says:

    Reflector, right size for a busted nose case.

  10. KhaN says:

    Im very interestd now to see what ya got!

  11. Jon says:

    Simon! I’m really looking forward to this. The only thing that puts an icicle in my heart is the rhyming. Not because rhyming is automatically bad, but because it’s very easy for it to be bad. I wanted to ask some questions about how it works:

    * Will you be writing in a regular meter so the rhymes chime in at the right time, as in traditional couplets?
    * Will you be avoiding like the plague all the hackneyed, cheesy rhymes that pop lyricists use like ‘fire/desire’, ‘girl/world’, ‘sleep/weep’, ‘say/today’ etc?
    * Will you seek out comically elaborate rhymes like ‘Errol Flynn/feral grin’, ‘Kurosawa/firepower’ (they’re mine – don’t nick ’em!)?
    * Will you be half-rhyming (ie. bolt/built, side/said)?

    I know not many TF fans are into poetry at all and it won’t matter a jot to them, but really naff rhyming would rather spoil it for me. Neat, measured couplets with non-forced rhymes would be merciful!

  12. Dawfydd says:

    Firecons! That was it….

  13. Chris N says:

    Assuming it’s actual debut as opposed to “full” debuts, previous cameos rule out the Insecticons and Reflector… also the coneheads and Triggercons. Oh, and the Junior Headmasters…

    We’re in a funny situation where it NOT being the Firecons will likely result in a massive backlash…

  14. partholon says:

    oddly interested in getting this, hell i never thought i’d like arcee and that kicked arse so cant believe im looking forward to this.

    i suppose my main problem with wheelie was his portrayal in the cartoon. seeing as grimlocks one of my favourites and he’s protrayed as a moron in the cartoon it shouldnt come as a shock to see that a reinvented wheelie could be good.

    plus klaus is amazing. if his interiors are as good as his covers this’ll be great looking at least.

    im in 🙂

  15. Simon Hall says:

    despite being a terribly naff character, Wheelie always had potential – he’s effectively a war orphan fighting for survival on Quintesson. just a shame he was made into Joe Pasquale in the G1 series. and always with the twee rhyming. I’m hoping this version will be a bit more ‘gangsta rap’ than Roland Rat. Can’t wait!

  16. Thunder says:

    I suggested a Wheelie Spotlight a couple of months back on this blog… who’d have ever thought somebody would’ve been crazy enough to do it? 🙂 Maybe this will go some way to redeeming the character in the eyes of the fans though… looking forward to it!

  17. Garvin says:

    Look, with the exemption of the Arcee Spotlight, I’ve liked the IDFverse so far. I’m kinda wondering how you’re gonna explain the fact that female bots were in evidence during the Megatron Origins series now but whatever. The Ultramagnus spotlight was pure gold though I gotta admit.

    Still Wheelie? Is that a joke? Seriously why give him a spotlight when there’s a long list of characters more deserving. Like Springer or Blur or Hound?

  18. Charles RB says:

    Wheelie’s original background is a young Robinson Cruesoe type living alone on an utterly hostile planet – strip away all the crap and get back to that basic concept, One Bot VS Entire Alien Planet Forever, you could get a damn good Spotlight. (Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing a Springer one, between his day-job of fighting on planets the Cons have already conquered and his obsession over helping Kup, he’s got a whole bunch of stories in him)

  19. bassbot says:

    Garvan, if you check out some of the discussion of the Megatron Origin, i’m pretty sure that IDW, Simon, Chris Ryall and many readers have discounted the fembots seen in M:O.

  20. Matt says:

    Well I’d never thunk it for one – whoa – Wheelie?! Like many ‘native G1’ers’, I wasn’t exactly a fan of Wheelie growing up (crap design, crap toy, a little bit useless overall), so I’m – to my own surprise – quite keen to see how this Spotlight turns out.

    Hasn’t been much mention of Cyclonus in the comments though… really looking forward to seeing how he fits into the IDW-verse. Dead Universe? Or no? It’s always fun to see how classic characters exist in the new continuity.

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