Also out this week (it’s feast or famine with the folk at Titan) is issue #10 of Transformers (UK), which features the second part of ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’ (story by me, art by Jeremy Tiongson). I won’t drone on overlong about our tumultuous reality warping storyline (as I’ve done so at length already, elsewhere on this blog), but suffice it to say that the action this issue out-Bays Michael Bay. The combined military forces of pretty much the rest of the (currently) free world take on Megatron’s Decepticon would-be world-conquerors… and the result isn’t pretty. And it’s not any rosier a picture for the Autobots, who are in process of making one last (almost certainly futile) effort to derail the Decepticons’ plans. Plus, more comic strip, a first look at Transformers Animated and a free missile blaster (admit it, that’s the real clincher!). For a peek at the cover, click on the link below:

3 Responses to TF-UK A-GO-GO #10

  1. Picked it up this morning, must say some of the best UK art / colours again in this issue, but then it was Jason Cardy doing the colours and he he seems to be on a roll of late. Looking forward to the next issue

  2. Charles RB says:

    Part 2 comes off as a bit too busy – the moon-based Autobots only manage to get two panels, Megatron only gets a brief bit of Bumblebee searching (looking forward to the resulting punch-up) – but the four page Decepticons VS NATO scene is brilliant. The fast-pace works well and I still didn’t expect the remaining free nations to fall _that_ quickly! When you said everything’s turned over and anything can happen, you weren’t joking…

    Pity there’s no profile this issue. I’d like to see some for the not-in-the-film cast, see some extra detail on them (what does Dreadwing think of having lots of other Dreadwings around?).

    The Gathering is bewildering – I’m enjoying it a lot more split into 7-page monthly chunks than I did when it was a 4-issue mini, it somehow works better for me that way. How does _that_ work? (Related – is Titan going to reprint The Ascending after Gathering is done?)

  3. Warewullf says:

    I gotta agree with you on The Gathering, Charles. I did like it in it’s original format but spilt up like this really works. The story feels more epic this way.

    And I’m enjoying this new direction, Simon. The NATO scene was really great.

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