It’s the turn of Spotlight Cyclonus (part 1 of Revelation, the next main arc, in chronological terms at least, of the ‘ongoing’) to get the post-script treatment. As usual, expect spoilery stuff but as always I aim to tease rather than give away the real nuts and bolts of the issue. Anyhow, here was a challenge: tell the Revelation arc in four issues and lace a character strand (worthy of the Spotlight branding) into the mix. It was an invigorating exercise, necessitating four characters (over the course of the four issues) that a) hadn’t been a Spotlight character already and b) would propel the main story onwards in some way, shape or form. So, first job was to sort out the four characters. Cyclonus I already had in mind for one of the Dead Universe cast, so he seemed the ideal choice to kick things off. Next job was decide what sort of character he was, and how that played into the larger demands of what the issue needed to accomplish, namely alert Optimus Prime and the Autobots to the impending threat, one that’s really been well in the background so far. Things had to snowball rapidly, so that by the end of this first issue the scale of the threat was evident and a response was needed urgently. The challenge was to take Cyclonus’s ‘mission’ and somehow (believably) make it less than straightforward enough so that, instead of just coming and going without a ripple, he draws unwanted attention. But why would he deviate from his there and back? There had to be something about him, a character quirk, that made him add in a detour (to Cybertron) and then lose sight of what’s important (for a brief but telling time). This wasn’t going to be the animated movie Cyclonus. By recreating Galvatron as a new character we’d effectively recreated Cyclonus too. So who was this Cyclonus? What made him tick? What draws him, at the outset of the issue, back to the ruin of Cybertron? And then, the supporting cast: Hound’s crew (Sideswipe, Road Rocket, Skram and Warpath) and Ultra Magnus were pulled into the mix. Then, in separate but interconnected strands, Arcee, Nightbeat, Optimus Prime, Jetfire and others. All enmeshed in the same mystery but unaware (yet) of the connections, the bigger picture. Oh and there’s our first look at the full Dead Universe cast and the big (and I do mean BIG) reveal at the end of the issue. Hoo boy… that should leave no one in any doubt just how bad things are going to get and how high the stakes are! Spotlight Cyclonus ships in June with E.J Su on art. Don’t dare miss it!

24 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Jason says:

    Um – if that big thing is Unicron yet a-bloody-gain I will be very, very disappointed. Surely its time to get away from the “evil god out to destroy the universe / dozen or two autobots out to save everything and everyone” mythic stuff. It’s been done, several times now, its completely unbelievable and crushingly dull, and its why I avoid most fantasy novels – its just a rubbish plot line.

    Surely a transformers story can revolve around the war and its consequences and doesn’t need all this end-of-the-world stuff tacked on…

    Originality please, mister Furman – you’ve been doing pretty well (apart from the Reapers hiccup) so far.

  2. Chris N says:

    June? That’s okay, it’s only… what, 63? days away. That’s no time at all.

    GAH. Need now.

    Interesting to hear Cyc is part of the DU team. Full look at the cast? Could this be what we’ve all been waiting for? The return of the Sports Car Patrol?!?!!??!?!?!!!!

    And yay for Road Rocket. 🙂

  3. Beachcomber says:

    So what you’re saying is we’ll get to see E.J. draw Warpath? I give this issue a 10/10 already. 😉

  4. bassbot says:

    oh yeah! more sweet EJ Su art and some awesome spins and challenges for you Simon. Whetting my appetite very muchly!!!!

  5. Ithilin says:

    Skram and Road Rocket are back!?
    WAHOO!!! Thanx Simon, you’re my hero XD I’m one of probably like 5 people in the fandom who grew up with Generation 2 and Skram was my first TF, I love that he’s finally getting some show time. Now if only you could get Rapido and Firecracker in there 😛

  6. Bass X0 says:

    Yeah. Seeing the G2 guys get some love is fun. The generic nobodies without toys in Hot Rod’s Spotlight don’t appeal to me at all and are pretty much forgettable. But make unimportant background characters obscure toys rarely/never used in fiction and I get excited seeing them.

  7. I call the Matrix as being involved in the big reveal!

  8. simon furman says:

    One thing the ‘big reveal’ certainly isn’t, as I’ve seen suggested on other forums, is Unicron. I stand by my earlier no Unicron in the IDW/TF-verse assertion.

  9. Just out of curiosity, Simon.

    Would you be in favor of Unicron having existed in the PAST in the IDW universe?

    After all, I’d love for this to be another cog in the multiverse. But for that to happen, it means Unicron must either eventually show or that he has shown before.

    I think it could be an interesting story to deal with a Unicron event having happened tens of thousands of years before the main story – perhaps even well before Nova Prime’s time.

  10. coptur says:

    i am in full support of the no unicron stand. as there has been far to much of him lately.

  11. Matt says:

    Hmm – not Unicron.

    Must be…

    Death’s Head, yes? 🙂
    (Hey, name-wise he’s perfect for the Dead Universe!)

    Still not sure how I feel about no Unicron at all. Even with recent over-exposure, he seems such an important figure in the whole TF-mythos to be left out altogether. Well to me anyway 😛

  12. bassbot says:

    Yeah in the past unicron had a big part to play. I really like the slow build that has been there behind Jhiaxus and Nove/Nemesis through Galvatron’s perspective and I can’t wait for the payoff!!!

  13. Hasief says:


    Was just reading Shane McCarthy’s interview on All Hail Megatron over at Newsarama. When talking about how Chris Ryall got him on board, he says, “He knew I had a multitude of ideas for the license and was looking for somewhere new to take the series.”

    If you’re at liberty to say, I’d like to know how that affects you and your plans as the main architect for IDW’s Transformers.

  14. Al says:

    Yeah, I was wondering something similar – I’m really worried Simon’s been booted off as main writer of the franchise and if so that just sucks!

  15. Jon S says:

    It does appear that with Revelation being downsized to 4 issues and branded as character spotlights and Shane McCarthy on ‘All Hail Megatron’ that Simon’s IDW Transformer stories might be put on the backburner, but hopefully there is a reason for all this. Maybe Simon is going to be doing a series with the Autobots that have left Earth and then the two series can meet at the end with a showdown between the Earth-conquering Decepticons and the returning Autobots?

  16. azurek says:

    i hop that simon and shane discussed the overall story ‘all hail’ has a green light from simon. although it would be good to hear an official statement from him

  17. azurek says:

    i hope that simon and shane discussed the overall story ‘all hail’ has a green light from simon. although it would be good to hear an official statement from him

  18. Danforth says:

    Simon has said previously on this blog that he’s got more “ongoing” TF comics coming up so he’s certainly still writing for the franchise. It seems to me that with the Autobots off planet and the Decepticons sticking around for reasons of their own, we’ll end up with two monthly comics for a while, one by Shane and one by Simon. And yeah, I’d love to see the storylines explosively collide once it’s dramatically appropriate.

  19. partholon says:

    i dont think theres any need to be so worried. simons done some of his best stuff messing around with concepts other people have brought to the table. thats why i loved his “what if” and alpha flight stuff. he actually made sense of wild child there. what im dying to see is what parts simons going to nick for himself and evolve. should be fun (still no sign of the preview here though :()

  20. Brett says:

    I’m a new poster here, and I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your work. I’m looking forward to Revelation (even if it got trimmed to four issues instead of six) quite a lot. With that said, I find myself needing to echo some of the concerns voiced above: Given the preview material for All Hail Megatron, some interviews, the original comic solicit, and the commentary of some of its creators, I really come away with the feeling that it doesn’t mesh with the IDW-verse as has been established in your books.

    Coupled with the downsizing of Revelation and announcement that Mr. McCarthy would be getting a full twelve issues, this is somewhat troubling. Moreso considering all of the talk of “taking the [Transformers] license in a new direction”. It really sounds as though this plot is breaking ranks with the established continuity that you and others have done a wonderful job of establishing.

    Any input on your part would be greatly appreciated, though I realize and respect that there may be things like nondisclosure agreements and the like that serve to limit your ability to respond freely. Just some sort of reassuring word would be really nice at this juncture.

    Thank you for all of your superb work, and thanks for your time spent reading my little blurb.

    ~Brett L. Bass

  21. simon furman says:

    Hey. just a quick one to reassure everyone that I ain’t going nowhere in terms of IDW’s Transformers comics. I’m busier than ever, knitting together the four Revelation Spotlights, prepping Maximum— oh, hang on, not supposed to mention that yet, and anticipating two further series. Thank goodness Shane’s doing all the legwork on All Hail Megatron, which only going to open up more possibilities down the line.

  22. Dawfydd says:

    My read was that Shane and the rest of the IDW crew were giving you a well deserved respite from giant stompy robots Simon.
    Good to hear you still have projects further down the line though

  23. Hasief says:

    Well, that’s a relief. While new blood on TF is always welcome, it just wouldn’t be the same without you aboard. Thanks for the clarification, Simon, and keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what Maximum Whatever-It-Is is all about!

  24. Brett says:

    Thanks, SImon. I’m extremely glad to hear that we’ve got more of your work coming. For what it’s worth, I’m eagerly awaiting Spotlight: Grimlock. The 23rd cna’t get here soon enough!

    ~Brett L. bass

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