Next week (April 17th to be precise) sees the release of issue #4 of Titan’s totally official and highly exclusive Torchwood magazine, which (as well as all the usual interviews and features on the hit show) contains all-new comic strip. This issue we kick off Torchwood’s first big story arc, “Rift War,” a ten-part epic (broken up into smaller, self-contained stories amidst the main thrust) that sees the team face an alien race led by the dread Sanctified, who have declared all-out war on humankind. Why? Because Torchwood, apparently, are to blame for a catastrophic future event, centered around the time and space spanning Rift, one that wipes out an entire civilization. Can it be? Check out “Rift War” for the answers over the coming months. “Rift War part 1” is written by me, with art by none other than Paul Grist (Jack Staff, Kane). To view some of Paul’s simply amazing pages, click on the thumbnails below. Superlative colour is by Kris Carter.

One Response to TORCHWOOD — RIFT WAR

  1. matthessey says:

    Looking good Simon 😀 Can’t wait to read this

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