It’s the Monday after Botcon, and here’s my own potted round up of events over the weekend in Cincinnati. Arrived midday on Thursday, touching base with the likes of Denton J. Tipton and Chris Mowry (from IDW), Aaron Archer from Hasbro and my old mate and sometimes co-collaborator Ben Yee. No duties as such, so just a chance to chill after my whistle-stop visit to NYC. Spent the PM in the company of Denton, Chris, Alex Milne and others. Talked a little shop but mostly just tested the limits of the bar staff’s patience in Champs, the Hyatt’s main hangout. Friday, and things began in earnest with a 10AM IDW panel, attended by myself, Denton, Chris, Marcelo Matere, Alex, Marty Isenberg and Jim Sorenson. Had some ‘teething’ problems with the visual side of the presentation, so while that was getting fixed we opened up a Q&A session, taking the attendees through the likes of the Revelation Spotlights, All Hail Megatron, Reign of Starscream and my new series, Maximum Dinobots. Then it was back to the IDW booth for the first of several signing sessions (which continued across Saturday and Sunday). Friday PM the whole extended IDW family headed to a Brazilian steakhouse (Marcelo’s recommendation I suspect) and then back, inevitably, to Champs (with artist Dan Khanna joining the entourage). Saturday saw repeats of the IDW panel, this time sans technical hitches, and more signing, culminating in the ‘casino’/awards night festivities. A particular highlight was the voice-actor script reading, featuring David Kaye, ‘Bumper’ Robinson and Tara Strong. Hugely entertaining. And yes, then back to Champs. Sunday was, blissfully, a less frenzied affair, and I finally found time to catch up with David Kaye, who I think has attended almost as many Botcons as me. Got to chat (over the weekend as a whole, either at the con or in the bar) to a whole slew of fans and the general consensus seems to be we’re doing a lot right, which is always gratifying/reassuring. Many thanks to Hasbro, who sponsored my trip out, and IDW who looked after me while I was there! Here’s to next year and the 25th Anniversary of TRANSFORMERS!

13 Responses to BOTCON (W)RAP

  1. matthessey says:

    Sounds like you had fun 😀 Wish I could manage to get out to one of these 😉 By the way Simon, don’t suppose you’ve had a chance to loo at Beast Era yet? 😀

  2. matthessey says:

    Or to look at it… 😉

  3. lightsyder says:

    Mr. Furman, I missed my chance to talk to you at Botcon so I was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions for me?

    Would you be willing to share with teh fans the details of Primeval Dawn part 4? We’ve seen wrap ups for all of the other botcon/otfcc stuff and I, and many other fans, would love to see Primeval Dawn finished.

    Second, could you share some plot details of what was going to happen had Universe continued? So points have been brought up in interviews with Glen Halit but I’m sure there are more…


  4. Martin says:

    Damn! Got to get to Botcon one day in the future. When affording it allows me to.

    Simon, see you at Bristol! 🙂

  5. Charles RB says:

    On a forum I’m on, a guy who was at Botcon said he asked about whether Titan would be doing Animated strips and got told it might be getting its own comic running alongside the movie one – and that the movie one will be staying in the Twilight’s Last Gleaming alternate universe. Are these both accurate?

    Because just one being accurate would be brilliant, but both, damn…

  6. Counterpunch says:

    I had the opportunity to meet you on two occasions during BotCon Mr. Furman. Once at the bar where we spoke for a little while and again during the awards dinner.

    Thanks for making time to talk with us and for being a part of the community.

  7. Right on Simon!

    Hey, I lurk around idw and and I just wrote a review of your first three TPBs.

  8. simon furman says:

    Sorry, Matt, still haven’t found even a spare hour to sit down and read through the Beast Era stuff. Mad busy, as my lack of responses to various blog queries will attest, and week or trips to the States don’t help. Soon as I can, I will.

  9. simon furman says:

    Hey. Lightsyder. On the off chance we ever get to finish that stuff properly, I’d rather keep part 4 of Primeval Dawn and my Universe plans under wraps (for now). I’d like to see if there’s something we can do for next year’s Botcon, even if it’s just put together some script/plot bind-ups for sale at the event. But I need to look into the legal/operational technicalities first.

  10. simon furman says:

    Counterpunch, it was a pleasure to meet you and all the other fans at Botcon. I had a blast!

  11. matthessey says:

    Fair enough Simon 😉 Hope you can find the time soon 😀

  12. Frank Lopez says:

    Just an odd question, you always seem to be visiting bars, how much do you drink exactly? 😉

  13. lightsyder says:

    Script/plot bind-ups? I would definitely buy that!!! I really hope you can pull something like that together. I really believe there would be plenty of fans interested in buying it. There’s still a thread on the club forums clamoring for Primeval Dawn 4 now that we saw a conclusion to Wreckers. As for Universe, well there is so much lost potential there. I would love to see what you had in mind for part of the Transformers multiverse. Good luck!!

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