With Botcon done and dusted, I’m off to the UK’s premier comic event this weekend. I’ll be at Bristol’s Comic Expo on Saturday May 10th, which is held at the British Commonwealth & Empire Exhibition Hall and Ramada Plaza Hotel. My two confirmed slots on the day will be from 2PM-3PM, when I’ll be signing at the Titan table in the main dealer/exhibitor hall, along with the likes of Steve White, Gary Erskine (currently hard at work on interior art duties for Aftermath pt1, see previous item) and (all being well) Geoff Senior. Then, right afterwards, from 3PM-4PM, I’m over at the Ramada’s Park Suite for my ‘Crossing the Ts’ panel, where I’ll be talking about Transformers, Terminator, Torchwood and Turtles (and maybe Starcraft as well, even though it’s not a ‘T’). Expect special guests! I’m just there on the Saturday this year, so if you’ve stuff you want signed or just want to chat, make sure you track me down at one of the above. For more details, check out the Comic Expo website here. Then, on June 7th, I’m off to Derry for the 2D Northern Ireland Comics Festival, an event I attended last year and thoroughly recommend. More details on this and other upcoming events/appearances soon!



  1. Will says:

    Can’t wait for this weekend…

    Simon, will you be bringing along any goodies to sign, like last year’s TF #80 script?

  2. Martin says:

    I’m coming to Bristol for the first time. See you there Simon 🙂

  3. Hi Simon, my name is Miguel Angel Lopez and, with Sergio Amira, we edit a fanzine of stories related to the Transformers called ‘Transfiguraciones’. We would love to interview you for the fanzine. Here you can see it if you have some interest:

    Althought the magazine is in spanish, we’d made the interview in english and online, you know, we send the questions and you give us the answers.

    I hope that you accept, anyway, thanks for listening. Bye.

  4. simon furman says:

    Hey, Will — I’ll be bringing a limited number of (signed) original scripts for TF-UK #9 & 10, the first two parts of Twilight’s Last Gleaming. Probably about 10 of each.

    Martin, look forward to seeing you.

    Miguel, I’m happy to do an interview, but please limit the questions to 10 (maximum). I’ll ge to them as and when I can. There’s an e-address in the contact section of the Wildfur site. You can use that.

  5. Peter says:

    Jeez – Could it be that its already a year since the Derry Comics Festival…?


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