Here we go with a somewhat cautious and circumspect (ie. as spoiler free as possible) post-script analysis of Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe, the last of the ‘Revelation’ quartet/story arc (which plays out across Spotlights Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe). So what’s going on with the Dead Universe saga? A lot, is the short answer! Story threads that have been building and developing almost since the IDW-verse was brought screaming into this world come to a head (and a conclusion) herein. Optimus Prime faces Nemesis Prime! Arcee (finally) catches up with Jhiaxus! Galvatron seeks (actively) his destiny! Jetfire faces Bludgeon (okay, that is a capital letters SPOILER!)! Ultra Magnus calls the shots in a last, desperate attempt to stave off the imminent Expansion! A trio of Autobots actually set foot in the Dead Universe… and live to tell the tale! How? Let’s just say it plays into yet another evolving story thread! And in amongst all this — Sideswipe, trying hard not to get squeezed out of his own Spotlight! Yes, he finally gets to Earth! Yes, we learn the true relationship between him and Sunstreaker… and why he’s been so darned keen to find him! Yes, he gets to hit lots of things, in the course of which we find out a little about what makes him tick. Who lives? Who dies? Who’s already dead by this stage of the story? All will be, er, revealed. Spotlight Sideswipe hits stores in September. Script by me, art by EJ Su. Excuse me, I think I need to lie down now…

31 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Chris N says:

    Bludgeon ZOMG.

    Awesome. Need now.

    So, like, after all those events… what’s going to happen for the other 21 pages of the issue??!!

  2. AL says:

    Hi Simon,

    Firstly, Thanks very much for signing my Death’s Head issue one at botcon, I couldn’t attend myself but a friend took it along with him (you may recall he rang me to confirm where I wanted it signed!) When I get the chance to come to a signing I’ve got the rest of the run and Dragon’s Claws for you to work through! LOL!

    Secondly, can you confirm the length of Maximum Dinobots? With the 8 remaining sub-numbered issues before AHM kicks in I was curious as to whether or not to expect a second arc or if Dinbots was an 8 part epic?

    Thanks again

  3. Wow.

    You know, my worry is that there’s simply too much going on in this 4-issue arc to fit in without being rushed.

  4. matthessey says:

    Holy words I shouldn’t say! I think I just had a geek-gasm! 😉 Must have Revelation now! *starts drooling uncontrollably* Um… sorry about that, I’ll clean it up… 🙂

  5. Thundershot says:

    Everything sounds great. But if you kill Nightbeat, I quit. 😛


  6. Bass X0 says:

    Yeah, I too worry that too much will try to be crammed into each issue that each plot point mentioned will be barely touched. With the amount of stuff going on, it seems like this issue would be better spread across a four issue mini series to properly do everything justice.

  7. MistaTee says:

    Wow, a lot going on in the Revelation Saga! I was just thinking of something for the TPB… since it will only be 4 issues, perhaps Simon and Su can add a few extra pages as a bonus to stretch out a bit more. Sort of an incentive to buy the trade but still get your fix on the monthlies.

    Oh yeah Simon, I echo AL, how many issues for Maximus Dinos?

  8. Scott says:

    Stop killing off characters!!!!!!!!!!! Unless they are lame characters like Bludgeon or the stunticons or something, stop killing them off!!!!

  9. Bass X0 says:

    Bludgeon is far from lame, Scott. He’s one of the coolest characters there is in Transformers (mainly in the original Marvel comics, Bludgeon hasn’t been able to re-capture what he once had in the current comics but then neither have Nightbeat and Thunderwing).

  10. tt24 says:

    Can you make us desire this anymore than we already do? Apparently the answer is YES. How is everything we want out of this issue ever going to happen? It’s going to need to be like 100 pages!

  11. Woah nice! I’ve been waiting for a Sideswipe/Sunstreaker spotlight. Yes! ^_^

  12. Scott says:

    LOL, the Marvel run was aweful. Bludgeon is a crappy character.

  13. ryan says:

    bludgeon is a giant ninja samurai skeleton who bursts apart and a transformer comes out. does this sound like crap to you?

  14. Toby says:

    Whether or not the Marvel Bludgeon was good or bad, this isn’t the same Marvel Bludgeon. We’ve only seen first flurries on top of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bludgeon in this universe. And what we’ve seen has mainly been story telling in reverse during Stormbringer and Spotlight: Soundwave. Knowing that he’s coming back after his mental breakdown on Cybertron probably has a lot to do with the Dead Universe and Galvatron stealing Thunderwing. That’s a lot to look forward to! Not to mention throwing in a whole new story twist of why Sideswipe wants to meet up with Sunstreaker.

    Also, I don’t think we fans should be too afraid of IDW/Furman cramming too much into one series, namely Spotlight: Revelations. From this character lineup, I suspect that Revelations will deal mainly with the Dead Universe Story arc while leaving Maximum Dinobots to deal with Skywatch/The Machination and All Hail Megatron to deal with classic Decepticons.

    I am looking forward to it! ‘Til All Are One!

  15. Chris N says:

    MistaTee said
    “I was just thinking of something for the TPB… since it will only be 4 issues, perhaps Simon and Su can add a few extra pages as a bonus to stretch out a bit more. Sort of an incentive to buy the trade but still get your fix on the monthlies.”

    God no. That’s a terrible idea. I’ve no objection to a TPB having bonus concept info etc, but to actually only tell part of the story in the singles, then have to buy the trade to get the full story? No. Just no. It’s bad enough having to buy the arc again in trade form to get a copy with the speech bubbles in the right place, let alone to actually find out what happened. Awful notion.

    I don’t want to argue with Scott over the relative merits of the original comic/cartoon again. Though he is right in that the comic was aweful. Full of awe indeed.

  16. Bass X0 says:

    I didn’t mind them doing it for the Animated Movie Adaptation.

  17. MistaTee says:

    Bass X0 said:
    “I didn’t mind them doing it for the Animated Movie Adaptation.”
    in regards to my original statement.

    My response: eggzactly!!!

  18. Chris N says:

    Sorry but no. I don’t mind duplicating a purchase to get a handy all-in-one shelfable, but I draw the line at shelling out to read all of a story I’ve already bought.

    Was there stuff in the Animated Movie Adaption TPB that wasn’t in the single issues, then?

  19. Chris N says:

    ^ “all of a story I’ve theoretically already bought all of” that should read. Darn the uneditableness.

    Anywho, back to how awesome Revelations will be.

    No Script Wrap for Doubledealer? Intriguing. Would it really be that spoilery? Or just overlooked in the convention bedlam?

  20. Beachcomber says:

    “bludgeon is a giant ninja samurai skeleton who bursts apart and a transformer comes out. does this sound like crap to you?”

    That might actually be the most simple and awesome description of ol’ Bluddy.

    Bludgeon, plain and simple, is the total justification of the Pretenders. And that’s all because of Simon.

    Anyway, I say FIELD TRIP: we all go to where Scott works and tell him everything he’s doing is “aweful” [sic], while screaming demands that contradict any effectiveness in doing his job.

  21. Coptur says:

    Scott dude you can’t say the Marvel run was rubbish on the forum of the guy that wrote most of it. plus characters have to die to make the war seem realistic.

    ps thank for the spotlight Grimlock Mr F it was a really enjoyable read, don’t suppose you fancy looking over little script i’ve been working on!?

  22. MistaTee says:

    Chris N Says:
    “Was there stuff in the Animated Movie Adaption TPB that wasn’t in the single issues, then?”

    Indeed… I should say buy the TPB and find out 😉
    But, since I’m a helluva guy, I think it was 2-3 pages after the cassette battle. Some dialogue and a scene of the combiners and Omega Supreme, who never made it into the movie, sans Devastator. So in essence, nothing essential if you haven’t seen it, nice to have, and a bonus for buying the TPB.
    That’s all I’m sayin’, knowwhatI’msayin????

    Anyway, yes, back to the wonderful Revelation!

  23. Michael D says:

    I’m worried about this “True Relationship” between Sideswipe and Sunstreaker…

    They ARE brothers, right? Please tell me that isn’t being rewritten…

  24. transmark77 says:

    Guys, I’ve always felt that someone should animate a movie or OVA of all the other things going on during the original transformers movie ex. Omega guarding the Ark, against the combiners, toss in Jetfire, Blaster & Sunnstreaker (after they bust outta autobot city) possibly even wheelie (for that crappy Jar-Jar effect hehehe) with a wicked parallel story arc, and intersects finally with Unicron being busted up. It might even work better on print. SF should write it! I generally just pick up the TP’s but really haven’t read much Transformers, SO if this has happened, then no need to heckle, just refer me to it so I could check it out. It may sound very Mobile Suit Gundam-ish but I think Furman could rock it!

  25. kage-jaganshi says:

    and the relationship between Sideswipe and sunstreaker will finally be revealed!

    OMG!!! they are twins !!!! >o< what!? I had no idea!

  26. MistaTee says:

    Or, they are gay lovers… not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  27. Warewullf says:

    REALLY looking forward to this!! I’ve been reading the main series in trades but buying the spotlights as they come out. Yay Bludgeon! 🙂

  28. Best First says:

    Hmm, what about Thunderwing… where will he fit in?

    Can’t wait for this.

    But have to.


  29. B says:

    where are all the gestalts? Monstructor was interesting to say the least. More Please!

  30. Richard Johnson says:

    Since Transformers began in this newly created IDW Universe (IDWU, I suppose), t’s amazing how many little polt-points are now all being joined up in a meticulous fashion. It goes to show the strength of the story-telling involved. Glad to hear Ultra Magnus will be appearing again; I always geta a little scared that he will go the same way the character did in the old Marvel TF Universe and just get forgotten about.

    Just for the record, Simon: you have said many times that you never got the chance to write the fianl battle between Magnus and Galvatron. As it never happened, care to share how this would have gone down?

  31. CJ here says:

    I had the same question about their relationship. They’ve always been brothers, in every continuity they’ve appeared in, to my knowledge. Why change a good thing? Why make it so… well, petty and weak would be a good wording for it. “I want to save him to one-up him”? So much for my thinking that anyone in the IDW universe actually CARED about anyone else. Of course, Sideswipe could be lying to himself about what he’s really feeling…

    Also, he calls him “bro” in Megatron: Origins. I realize this storyline was written originally for Dreamwave, but is it still canon in IDWverse? And if so, how do you reconcile their much more twin-like behavior and Sideswipe’s OBVIOUS AND GENUINE CONCERN (caps to emphasize that, sorry) in saying “I don’t want you in there”? Is Sideswipe lying, is this a different continuity, or did you just not notice that discrepancy? Please answer me in some fashion, even if it is with one of your vague reassurances.

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