Just a quick addendum to my last post to let people know that, as well as scripts and stuff, I’ll have 50 advance copies of issue #12 of Titan’s Transformers comic/magazine for sale/signature (ahead of its official 29th May release date) at the London MCM expo. So, if you just can’t wait for part four of the post-apocalyptic Twilight’s Last Gleaming story (plus a whole bunch of other nifty stuff, not to a mention a FREE TF pinball game), make sure you track me down this Saturday (24th). I’ll be wherever the comics people are. Thanks to Titan for making this possible!

4 Responses to EXPO EXCLUSIVE

  1. Charles RB says:

    29th May? Said 22nd in #11 and is out in shops around here already.

    And very good it was too! I was expecting more dead characters (besides Frenzy) to take advantage of the alternate universe, but other than that disappointment it’s been a fast-paced fun ride with nice little character bits throughout. And who didn’t cheer at Optimus Prime’s revival?

    (Also, I want to shake the hand of whoever does Star Screams)

  2. Paul Ridgon says:

    It is a great issue isn’t it?!? When I got the script, I gotta admit, I too cheered (albeit inwardly) at Prime’s revival and I was dead chuffed that I got to draw it! It’s out around here too, in fact I got my copy last Sunday at FP…

  3. simon furman says:

    Oops. Maybe not as exclusive as I thought. Got my dates all confuddled. Anyway, if you want a SIGNED copy…

  4. Best First says:

    Yes – Starscreams is, er, a scream. A great echo of the days of stubbies and VVHs.

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