Late in the day, but a quick note nonetheless to look out for two new releases from Titan: Transformers (UK) #12 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #13, both of which feature new strips written by me. The first of these, Transformers #12, contains (as well as other TF strips, features and FREE TF pinball game!) part 4 of the epic and far-reaching Twilight’s Last Gleaming, as the battle to unshackle mankind (and Optimus Prime) from the yoke of Decepticon domination reaches a critical stage on multiple fronts. Look for a particularly crowd-pleasing moment on page 10 of the strip! Art is by Paul Ridgon. Turtles #13 (sadly, the last issue… sniff!) features part 2 of the time-spanning Turtles saga Rewind, in which the ‘Fast Forward’ Turtles (Fast Forward/Rewind – geddit?) meet their present day counterparts with the life of Master Splinter hanging in the balance. Art is by Diego Jourdan. Both should be on sale now! And don’t forget to check in on Titan’s Transformers MySpace page here for more news, art and updates!

One Response to OUT NOW!

  1. Sounds awesome! Its a shame I live in the USA, though. I’ve only gotten a couple issues of the Titan magazine (through Ebay).

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