No, not a confused droid, but a reminder that next weekend I’m off to Derry for the annual Derry comicon, 2D, an event growing in both stature and reach each successive year. 08’s event features, well, me, but also the estimable likes of Garry Leach, David Hine, Alan Martin, Rufus Dayglo, Jock and Nick Roche (who’s gearing up to draw the upcoming 5-issue Maximum Dinobots series). I’ll be there throughout the Saturday (June 7th), signing and so forth, and also conducting a portfolio review with Garry Leach and compeering the evening panel (The Rise and Rise of Comics) at Sandinos. Anyhow, come along if you’re in the area or can make the trek and meet and greet. For more information on the 2D festival check out the website here. Next up, Bromsgrove (June 18th) for an evening talk/presentation in the main library as part of their ‘Dads and Lads’ initiative. More on that soon!

One Response to I TO 2D

  1. Warewullf says:

    Nuts, I didn’t know about this!

    Hope you enjoyed the convention! What did you think of the (slight sarcasm warning!) lovely Derry?

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