Just back from Derry’s 2D comics festival, which I also attended last year, and once again (I’m pleased to say) I have nothing but good things to report. 2D master of ceremonies David Campbell laid on a feast of activities, workshops, panels and an all-day signing/sketching session that ran throughout the Saturday. Not only does David really know how to put together an event that has something for all ages, he really knows how to look after his guests: myself and the likes of Garry Leach, Will Simpson (Transformers UK back in the day!), Rufus Dayglo, Charlie Adlard, Nick Roche (Maximum Dinobots) and Jock were treated to true VIP status (not to mention the ever-wonderful and gratefully received beer tokens!) throughout the weekend and sent back home happy and contented (if a little worse for wear). A more convivial atmosphere for a convention I can’t imagine. On my side of things, I got to do a portfolio review session (with Garry) that I can only describe as ‘interesting,’ and I compeered one of the Saturday evening panels at Sandino’s bar, a rambling discourse on, well, just about everything, made notable by Charlie Adlard who’d lost his voice, but still somehow made it through the panel, in the process destroying whatever was left of his vocal chords. Thanks to David and the whole 2D crew. If they’ll have me back, I’ll be there next year… for sure!

2 Responses to DERRY WELL DONE

  1. Is the 2D festival as big as the San Diego Comic Con? I don’t know much about the comics scene outside America.

  2. simon furman says:

    No, it’s a very small affair, but with a roster of talent to rival much bigger cons (so therefore much easier access to sketches and the like). Sometimes big is not necessarily better!

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