It’s the turn of Maximum Dinobots #1 for the post-script analysis. As usual, expect teases rather than spoilers, but be warned: if you’d rather be flat out surprised when October rolls around, read no more. What’ll come as no great surprise to pretty much anyone who’s been following the IDW/TF-verse is that Maximum Dinobots #1 picks up pretty much where Spotlight Grimlock left off. You don’t have to have read Spotlight Grimlock, as there’s a handy recap of all Grimlock/Dinobot related events leading up to this point in the story, but it wouldn’t hurt to seek it out (or at least pick up vol 3 of the Spotlight TPBs when it comes out). Many elements come together for Maximum Dinobots, including Scorponok, the Machination, Headmasters, the Sunstreaker/Hunter combo, Hot Rod, Skywatch and, of course, the Dynobots/Dinobots themselves. Oh, and there are a few other characters/elements from previous stories also in the mix, but I’m not saying right now. And, as if that wasn’t enough, three more characters make their IDW debut (though not in #1). Anyhow, last we saw Grimlock he was stranded under a glacier in New Zealand. Events (and characters) conspire to bring him back right into the thick of things, as part of a Machination plot to… well, you’ll see. But suffice it to say for those of you craving Dinobot on Dinobot action (how wrong does that sound?!) you won’t be disappointed. Massive destruction and carnage on an unprecedented scale is the order of the day. This first issue takes its perspective, much as the second half of Spotlight Grimlock did, from Grimlock himself, and I aim to give each Dinobot their quote-unquote “spotlight” during the course of the series. Despite the number of plot lines coming to a head (and a conclusion) in this and subsequent issues, issue #1 is actually a great jumping on point, especially if you can’t get enough Dino! The five-part story is very much self-contained in and of itself. Art is by Nick Roche, which is great for several reasons. First, because I love Nick’s oh-so-expressive art. Second, because he drew the Dynobots’ original appearance in Spotlight Shockwave. And three, because I knew going in to the script he was going to be drawing it, so could tailor it to his many strengths. Maximum Dinobots kicks off in October. For more details on all IDW’s Transformers titles, check out their website here.


18 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP — MAX

  1. Woohoo! More Nick Roche and more Dinobots!

    Any chance of seeing Shockwave again, Simon? He was conspicuously absent from being mentioned by Skywatch in Spotlight: Grimlock.

  2. partholon says:

    any word on wheter nick is gonna use his normal style or mix things up abit. i wouldnt mind seeing covers along the line of his cyclonus variant.

    cant wait for this though, LOVE the dinos and seeing as youve had a habit of retconing the other bots characters i cant wait to see how youve tweeked the dynos, they always did have the best Bios in terms of how different they are to normal autobots. almost like they dont fit in civilised society being more like scarred vets. plus. should be fun to see snarl actually DO something 🙂

  3. Mike Moran says:

    Can we get a recolor and re-release on SPOTLIGHT Grimlock to tie up with this? That release was botched up bigtime!

  4. MistaTee says:

    Great news, Simon. Question though, any info/teasers on the 3 issues between MD and AHM in the sub-numbering? More Spotlights? A 3-issue mini? Inquiring minds want to know! Cheers!

  5. bassbot says:

    Sounds very very awesome Simon, and I also really wanna see Shockwave come back in sometime, but he may a good character to leave til after AHM and Max Dino’s.

    Thanks for the tease, cool to have this in October, straight after revelations pretty much isn’t it. IDW sure are keeping you working hard! (Thanks again! heh heh)

  6. Chris N says:

    Three more characters? Oooh. We’re still owed Firecons, but I’d expect it more likely to be some Decepticon Headmasters. Excitement!

  7. Praul says:

    Hi Simon, your TF story line so far has been incredible!! Revelation no.1 was superb…Escalation was so well told and scripted, but I think Rev may beat it. Very much looking forward to reading Max Dinos…and hopefully the re-appearance of Shockwave? Keep making TF stories, you are the man 🙂

  8. Best First says:

    Firecons? Sparkler-minibots please. For goodness sake.

  9. simon furman says:

    Assorted answers (or evasions)…

    General Tekno — I wouldn’t entirely rule out a return by a certain one-eyed Decepticon. But neither can I confirm it as a fact.

    Partholon — as always, I wait with bated breath to see what wonders Nick will bring to the pages. I imagine, though, he’ll approach it in what amounts to his ‘normal’ style.

    Mike Moran — no re-release of Spotlight Grimlock planned, but it will feature in September’s TF Spotlight v3 TPB. Any textual stuff will be fixed. Not sure about the colouring.

    MistaTee — those three issues remain very much ‘To be confirmed’ at the moment. If, indeed, the sub-numbering still applies. Plans should firm up in the next few months.

    Chris N — it’s not the Firecons. That’s all I’m saying for now.

    Best First — apart from, it’s not the Sparkler-minibots.

  10. bassbot says:

    wah? I don’t get a hello?

    I still love you.


  11. Charles RB says:

    October?! But I want Dinobots and Hunter-streaker now! 😦

    Curse you for having so many interesting characters and plots that all need space!

  12. simon furman says:

    Bassbot — HELLOOOOO!

  13. bassbot says:

    Cheers! Have one for me mate!

  14. cashel says:

    is this how you register?

  15. cashel says:

    okay, it looks like you don’t have to reaLLy register. my bad. so anywho…
    mr. furman,
    i’m doing a quick catch up on all things transformers and i just came across a toy fair spotlighting japan’s transformers(issue 78). assuming you will be with the book for a long while, are you planning on pulling any of these lesser known characters into your storyline? it concerns me that you say 13 is not firmed out as i was expecting to maybe see some of these guys represented at the first thirteen. brad mick mentioned that hasbro and takara were possibly going to allow the now defunct dreamwave to use some of these guys and gals for a series focusing on the transformers’ predecessors. i think it would be neat if you were up to the same thing. with shane mccarthy coming on board for ahm and a spotlight, i have to ask if you’re still on the book for the forseeable future. so, in closing ramble;
    can i look forward to more of your brilliant idw transformers and is there a chance you’ll utilize some of these characters from the 1987-1991japanese series of toys and/or cartoons if you are to stick around. thank you for your time and your continued devotion to your fans.

  16. bassbot says:

    hey Simon, just saw the preview of Hardhead on LOOKS FREAKING FANTASTIC! Love how we can get right into hardhead’s head (ahem..) through Nightbeat’s story and a couple of thoughts from HH. Looks awesome.

  17. cashel says:

    great stuff. idw continues to be THE transformers saga to end all transformer sagas. more verity and jimmy… PLEASE!!!

  18. coptur says:

    Spotlight Slag surely not ?? lol

    really looking forward to that one

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