Incoming from IDW this week (Wednesday 16th in the US, 17th in the UK) is Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead, the second part of the awesome Revelation cycle. Way back in Spotlight: Nightbeat, the titular Autobot investigator journeyed to a planet called Gorlam Prime, and straight into the jaws of a trap set by the denizens of the Dead Universe (Nemesis Prime et al). Nightbeat emerged with his memories wiped and a ticking time-bomb (not literally) in his head. Now, he’s back on Gorlam Prime—along with Hardhead, the Autobots’ blunt, taciturn, no-nonsense “problem-solver”—looking for answers. What they find is a vast, far reaching conspiracy, a universe-sculpting plan many meta-cycles in the making about to kick in big time, oh and Micromasters… lots of ‘em! Why’s Hardhead along for the ride? Well, let’s just say that he’s Nightbeat’s insurance policy. Those of you after a happy ending may want to look away now!! Plus, more on the sudden resurgence of Thunderwing, the return of the Wreckers, more on Arcee’s quest and much more on the Dead Universe Transformers and the secrets of the Expansion. Bad as things have been for the Autobots of late, they’re about to get exponentially worse! Let the carnage begin! Spotlight: Hardhead is written by me with art from Nick Roche (which absolutely has to be seen to be believed, it’s that good!). For news and updates on all IDW’s Transformers titles, check out their website here, and for a four-page preview of Hardhead, courtesy of Newsarama, go here. EJ Su’s cover art (part of an interlocking set) can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail below.

24 Responses to HARDHEAD A-GO-GO

  1. Dawfydd says:

    Two things in this Spotlights favour:
    1) Hardhead is one of my personal favourite transformers, and it’s great to see him getting, well, a personality (felling guilt for having Unicron stomp on him Simon?)
    And 2) I’m really enjoying these interlinked Spotlight/ Revelation issues. It does amaze me somewhat that you manage to cram enough for both plots into a single issue!
    Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Hasief says:

    Er, the preview says it’s Robby Musso on interior art, not Nick Roche.

  3. simon furman says:

    Er, Newsarama got it wrong.

  4. Best First says:

    Loved the first 4 pages. Looking forward to the rest.

    Good point about the Unicron stomping – Bomburst didn’t get much sympathy in the IDWvesre though did he?

    Hardhead killing off Nightbeat would be an intriguing move…

  5. Jeysie says:

    I’m gonna read despite knowing there won’t be a happy ending… *sniff*

    Seriously, this is awesome-looking so far. Hardhead’s got me intrigued, the seeming suspended animation has me intrigued, the Micromaster army is full of awesome… wicked.

  6. Terome says:

    Oh man, looks like we’ll still be getting the good stuff while All Hail Megatron lumbers around pointlessly in the background. Can’t wait for this.

  7. Black Bumblebee says:

    Should be lots and lots of fun! 🙂 Let’s hope its an unhappy ending only for the micromasters (gotta crunch them all!).

  8. Bass X0 says:

    so much stuff going on – how can four 22 page comics manage to contain it all AND keep the focus on the title character.

  9. bassbot says:

    bah. pointlessly. whatever.

    Hardhead looks freakin awesome Simon! loved the preview on Newsarama, can’t wait to grab this tomorrow.

  10. M-Priest says:

    Two for two, Simon. Excellent read. Can’t wait for Nick and you to team-up again with Dinobots.

    A question though (trying to remain as non-SPOILERY as I can at this point)…

    Was it hard to…axe a character that’s that fun to write?

  11. Ralph Burns says:

    Picked it up today. Very enjoyable and nicely dense. And…jings! Poor SPOILER!

  12. simon furman says:

    M-Priest, it was like offing my own offspring. (Not that I do a lot of that you understand)

  13. bassbot says:

    Simon – awesome issue. A lot going on but once again (even better probably) we got into a character quickly. Great captions throughout for Hardhead.

    Revelations has the heat turned up onto SuperNova level, my oven can’t take it, but I want more!!!

  14. Dan Coyle says:

    Cool issue. Nick’s art gets better and better!


  15. partholon says:

    the lads on the IDW boards are raving about this so i cant wait to get it. i loved what you did with cyclonus (hope he sticks around as now he’s got potential !) but have to comment on nick art.

    he’s definetly kicked it up a notch. still roach but “Slicker” or something. definetly bodes well for maximum dinos.

    i loved the stasis locked denizens of gorlam prime. i was convinced, along wit h alot of others when i saw that page ages ago, that that was a hologram that nightbeat was using to help in his investigations ala CSI !

    cant wait 🙂

  16. Terome says:

    Absolutely top-notch. Hardhead’s realist attitude about his role in the war and his fate was very well played.
    Kinda nerdy question – was Hardhead around before the Civil War began? He strikes me as the kind who’s been ‘born in blood’ and all that. The relative ages of Transformers and whether they originated before or after the shooting began is something that has been definitely skirted around so far. Will we get some extrapolation of that later on?

  17. Best First says:

    That was expletive brilliant.

    Everything clicked amd so much happened. Was this always planned or did the fates of the people involved develop over time? And if its the latter – what’s it like when you get to the realisation that for the good of the story SPOILER needs to face the big shutdown?

    One niggly question – why didn’t Nightbeat just go and see Ratchet to get his noggin looked at?

    Or was our favourite medic on vacation at the same resort Omega Supreme went to during Target 2006? 😉

  18. Max says:

    So Simon…

    Is he really gone…? Really…? *sniff*

    Because lots of us waited years to see you write SPOILER again, and it seems too soon… *cry*

  19. simon furman says:

    Thanks to everyone (here and on other boards) for the overwhelmingly positive response to Spotlight Hardhead. I was hugely pleased with the way it came out, thanks in no small part to Nick Roche’s oh-so expressive art. As far as Nightbeat goes, have we seen the last of him? Hard to say, hard to say. And yeah, I figure Hardhead’s been around a while and seen a lot. And as for Nightbeat going to Ratchet, I figure Nightbeat didn’t want to hang around and risk surgery for fear for in-built countermeasures that might have endangered others. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  20. Coptur says:

    good answer love it lol. Yet to read Wheelie or Hardhead 😦

  21. Chris N says:

    Late to the partay, but lurrrrrved it.

    Tangential to the Ratchet question – did Nightbeat tell anybody where he was off to? Or, as far as the other Autobots are concerned, has he just disappeared? 😦

  22. Warewullf says:

    Finally got this and LOVED it!! Delighted to see the Micromasters and really cool to see them used in such a creepy way! Great atmosphere throughout this issue. And I loved Hardhead’s attitude. Someone who totally understood and accepted his role in life made for a very interesting protagonist. And the “Hard. Head.” line cracked me up.

  23. partholon says:

    ditto for me. came in the post this monday and i have to say it was well worth the punt. writing from main characters perspective really works alot better than i though it would and in fact i wouldnt mind seeing something similar in maximum dinobots as its a good way of focusing on on of the bots while still telling an exciting broader story. nicks arts coming on VERY well, in fact at times it felt alot like EJs and i really liked that. all the micromasters were alot of fun and it was cool to see characters like whisper and stormcloud again, not to mention flak an co (took me back to that old black and white uk story ya did decades ago wherein a decepticon mockingly asked flak “what you gonna do? shoot my kneecaps out ! ” 🙂 ) .

    i too loved the “ow” scene and its nice to see that hard head got not only some character but GREAT character to him at last. i felt genuinely sorry for the guy and its nice to see that while he respects his role he doenst revel in it. i am left wondering who he was refering to when he said “it wouldnt be the first time ” which is a good sign i want more 🙂

    oh and that death, nicely done

    again kudos. your on a roll here 🙂

  24. Black Bumblebee says:


    I’ll have to read some Dashiell Hammet in remembrance.

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