Just a very quick reminder that I’m at Auto Assembly in Birmingham tomorrow, Saturday 2nd. Come see my wares! Get stuff signed. And… news has broken, over at Newsarama, of the sequel to my Terminator 2 series for Dynamite. Check out the Q&A here. More, more news on this very soon right here.

8 Responses to ONE OR T2 THINGS…

  1. cashel says:

    hi, simon. really good news on the terminator front. i still wouldn’t mind a transformers crossover in the regular trans comics. with skynet and sky watch, i think the fit could be a bit better than the avengers/trans from last year. i hope the con was a rewarding experience for all. i did have a question concerning said event; is the thirteen going to be the origin for the idw universe as well as the movie and other continuities? i think multiverses are cool but i hope this isn’t just a movie origin. i guess what i’m trying to ask is will this be similiar to the armada issues that brought bludgeon and friends into that universe?

  2. simon furman says:

    The 13 will pull on material from several different TF sources, but it’ll be very much THE origin story.

  3. Frank L says:

    Cool that your coming back to Terminator Simon. I really enjoyed your last terminator series. Strangely, I didn’t think I would but I did. You write robots perfectly, it’s a wonder you don’t have a history in robotics. I’m in agreement that this Transformers/Terminator crossover needs to happen one day with you at the helm. If palms need to be greased I’ll gladly give to the cause.

  4. cashel says:

    i’m glad to hear that. thanks for the quick reply, i can sleep better now. that being said, i have one more question i’ll throw out there;
    will idw’s universe be represented as the main pov or will it be more movie-specific? okay, i won’t ask anymore. here’s hoping you won’t completely retire from the transformers. i’m only now getting REALLY back into it.
    thanks again for crafting these tales!

  5. ZhGingaah says:

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks so much for all your squiggles at AA – Good nattering with you and all the other talented folks…

    …ta for the lil teasers after my questions in the Q&A… and how the hell have you put up with that lunatic Wildman for so many years?! 😛 You’ve gotta get a shorter leash for that lil tinkRE… lol

    Hope to see you again next year!

  6. Jon S says:

    Interview with Mr Furman here:

  7. Ralph Burns says:

    Nice to see you at AA. Selling affordable copies of your scripts is a great idea. If you decide to sell copies of any more of your scripts for Marvel or Titan (or even IDW) I’d be happy to pick them up. I find them a fascinating read.

  8. simon furman says:

    Very good to see and shake hands with those who made it along to Auto Assembly!

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