It’s the turn of Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #2 for the post pen-to-paper postulations. Those of you who would rather avoid all spoilers (though, as always, I aim for teasers rather than out and out spoilers) turn away now. For the rest of you, here’s how things are shaping up: the good news is, after about 10,000 years or so under solidified lava (see Spotlight: Shockwave for details) all the Dynobots are finally reunited. The bad news is, after about 10,000 years or so under solidified lava (see Spotlight: Shockwave for details) all the Dynobots are finally reunited. Not a typo. Things go from the ‘worse’ of last issue to almost unquantifiably bad (especially if you’re Grimlock!) this issue. As Skywatch and the Machination (the former unaware that the latter even exists, let alone is tampering with its mind-controlled mechs) play puppeteer with the fates of the individual Dynobots (we’re still a script or two off them formally becoming the Dinobots with an ‘i’), so the good citizens of Fallon, Nevada brace themselves for some truly foundation-shattering (rather than trouser-shattering) Dinobot on Dinobot action. And as if that wasn’t enough, the massed forces of Scorponok’s Headmaster army are, erm, massing on the Fallon city limits, ready to make very sure there are no survivors. As for Agent (Joshua) Red of Skywatch, he’s got an assignation of his own, one that starts to tie up yet another loose end (or two) from the last two years or so of the IDW/TF-verse. Oh, and Hot Rod fans — brace yourself. It’s that bad. Really. Nick R still isn’t talking to me. Maximum Dinobots #2 is scheduled for December 2008.

26 Responses to SCRIPT (W)RAP

  1. Zhgingaah says:

    The real reason Nick couldn’t come to AA2008 is finally revealed… Simon’s pissed him off!!

    What have you done?!

    Trousers will be shattered over this… 😛

  2. Khan says:

    NOOOOOOOO, HOT ROD IS KILLED!!! I wont see Rodimus PRIME!!!!!!

  3. Chris N says:

    Best news I’ve had all day… and I’ve had a great day!


  4. ZhGingaah says:

    BTW, who’re on colours for Mx: Dinos so far?

  5. General Tekno says:

    I think Josh Burcham’s on colors.

    He did the cover for issue 1 at least (the one with All Hail Grimlock – you can tell as he gave him the grey chest he did in Shockwave’s spotlight)

  6. bassbot says:

    love Josh Burcham’s colours. hope he’s on it. Also love your script wraps simon. Thanks for the latest!!!

  7. simon furman says:

    Who said anything about Hot Rod being killed?

    Colouring duties are indeed in the domain of Josh Burcham. Just seen the first page. Lovely stuff!

  8. simon furman says:

    BTW, Nick’s not really pissed off with me. Well, apart from all those b@stard Headmasters in issue #3!!

  9. Chris N says:

    “Who said anything about Hot Rod being killed?”

    The twin gods of “Wishful Thinking” and “Reading Too Much Into Things”. 😦

  10. M3Gr1ml0ck says:

    This sounds quite good. But we already know it *will be* good.
    Dear mr Furman, I just want to thank you for the wonderfuld pieces of sf literature you provided us in these years.
    Revelation and Maximum Dinobots are just the climax of the great efforts you lavished in this “rebuildng” of the Transformers mythology. I appreciate everything you did: the thick and clever plots, the language refinement, the culture behind every dialogue, the deep (and crisp and original and consistent) portrayal of every single character.
    To me, this Tf-verse will always be among the best Tf works ever, with the G2 saga and the G1 Marvel stuff.

  11. partholon says:

    hey dont count your chickens, after all nightbeat bought it ! 🙂 🙂

    im really looking forward to this, the dinos are my fave and if nick does as good a job as he did on spotlight hardhead the art should kick arse !

    sounds like america is going to have one less city.

  12. Ralph Burns says:

    I look forward to this with fevered anticipation!

  13. Khan says:

    ok, good, from your script wrap, It kind of sounded like we may be seeing the last of ol hot rod, so I just assume the worst and hope for the best.

  14. cashel says:

    i’m going to miss the machination when they’re gone. they have that whole “elders from the x-files” thing going. but of course, when they’re gone who is to say that they are REALLY gone. paranoid people know what’s going on. can’t wait for all those headmasters!

  15. cashel says:

    simon, a bit off topic, but i wondering if you’d come across the thirteen thread of dicussion over on the idw message boards. i find it interesting. is it too early to ask how many issues that mini will be approximately? looking forward to more furman devastation of american cities in 2009.

  16. TaterX says:

    I will dance a jig if you rid the world of Hot Rod sir.

  17. ZhGingaah says:

    Nick & Josh FTW! This book’s got a right holy trinity on it…

    Glad Hot Rod’s not proper stuffed up…

    …but yeah Simon if you’ve got a spare week and a stiff drink, pop by The Thirteen thread on the IDW board and decide if you want to cry, laugh or dispell some myths…

  18. Jeysie says:

    “…but yeah Simon if you’ve got a spare week and a stiff drink, pop by The Thirteen thread on the IDW board and decide if you want to cry, laugh or dispell some myths…”

    If I were a writer and I read that thread, I’d declare us all completely insane.

    Anyhoo. I like Hot Rod personally, and IDW Hot Rod even more so, so I’ll be happy if he’s not killed off (though there are certainly fates worse than death…)

    And I can’t wait to see more Skywatch and Machination and all this great Earth intrigue goodness!

  19. simon furman says:

    The stiff drink I can manage, the spare week… that’s a whole other issue. Seriously, I’ve kind of dipped in and out of that The 13 thread and retreated. All I’d say is, given how little of that series is set in any kind of stone right now, save your misgivings for later.

  20. ZhGingaah says:

    No misgivings here – Just waiting for another monster Furman epic! 😀

  21. Mike Moran says:

    I knew that with Simon behind the Thirteen you cant hold anything in stone that was rumored previously! Go Simon!

  22. Blitzwing8681 says:

    I’m trying to find out where to buy Issue #1 of Maximum Dinobots but having no luck! Anyone help? I live in the UK. I’ve tried eBay & IDW’s site but to no avail. Thanks.

  23. Zedebo says:

    Blitzwing8681 you can get the full 5 ish subscription for Max Dino’s from for about £16.

    Parthalon what make you think Nightbeat’s dead, he was only shot in the head, don’t you think he’ll become a headmaster now as he was originally.

  24. Blitzwing8681 says:

    Thanks very much Zedebo!

  25. Mag says:

    Good to read that Grimlock and the others are going online. Since the first Spotlight I was waiting for his return

    “Oh, and Hot Rod fans — brace yourself. It’s that bad. Really. Nick R still isn’t talking to me.”

    Come on, Hot Rod is a tough guy, he survived a lot!
    I loved what he showed in Devastation, Spotlight Hot Rod and Dubledealer (superb!) so I’m very happy that he will have some time to prove himself… again 🙂

  26. Todd Jumper says:

    Will be interesting to see what happens to Hot Rod. After all he appears in the future in All Hail Megatron as some how living on Cybertron, so how far in the future does the DynoBots take place, it can not be that far after Devastation.

    Then again this could only be more proof that AHM and Furman’s storylines are two separate continuities.

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