Out this week from Titan, in the UK only, is issue #15 of their utterly essential Transformers comic/magazine. The lead strip, written by me and drawn by TF newcomer Kieran McKeown (inked by Kris Justice), is the second part of the 2-part ‘Aftermath’ story, which picks up on our still reeling cast of Autobots and humans (and planet Earth too for that matter) from the epic ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’ arc. Set, as that story was, in the alternate post-movie universe unique to the Titan TF comic, ‘Aftermath’ shows the extent of the fallout from the Decepticon occupation of North America (and their attempt to rewrite the essential geological structure of the planet). Right now, though, the Autobots are an endangered species, Starscream (via his mind-controlled human puppets in high places) manipulating events to rid himself of Earth’s protectors. Under attack from NATO mobile artillery, defending the sick and wounded in a field hospital, Optimus Prime’s forces have their backs well and truly up against the wall. And as bad as it seems right now, it’s going to get much, much worse. In just two issues’ time, the biggest TF-UK storyline of all kicks into high gear. If you thought ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’ was the pinnacle of excitement, think again. The countdown has begun to… ‘Return to Cybertron.’ Look for the Script (W)rap for the first part of that arc very soon. TF-UK #15 is in-store on Thursday August 14th.

9 Responses to TF-UK A-GO-GO #15

  1. Dodsworth says:

    My copy arrived on Saturday, the subscription service is ecellent for this title!

    Good solid issue, the new artist is very sound, please try and keep hold of them for future stories.

    Simon, any feelings on the news of Dragons Claws making a trade appearance? I’ll be buying the damn thing!

  2. Jon S says:

    I saw the Dragon’s Claws news too (in Comic Book Resources’ LITG column) and here is the Amazon link:

    Not sure why they are calling it “Dragon’s Claws: 0” though?? I’d love to see a new Dragon’s Claws/Death’s Head crossover one-shot by Simon and Geoff one day…

  3. simon furman says:

    Bloody great is (was) what I thought when I heard that Panini were doing a Dragon’s Claws TPB. But truth is, I kind of agitated for one, given that they’d done the two Death’s Head collections already, and luckily Brady Webb, who’s on editorial duty for these, was entirely sympathetic to the cause. And just to whet your appetite further, the DC collection has a new intro (by me), a new cover from Geoff, new art (by Paul Ridgon, plus the hard-to-find ‘Just One Page’ DC strip we did a year or three back) and the cover to Dragon’s Claws #2… back when it was still Dragon’s Teeth! Wowza!

  4. Charles RB says:

    Extremely fun issue this month; I’m still loving the Bumblebee-Mikaela dynamic duo, I like that the US needs NATO forces on its soil due to the occupation, and who saw the Insecticons coming?!

    One question – the Autobot Longarm got shot down in Twilight’s Last Gleaming and then seen carried out by the others. Is he dead or just badly injured?

  5. Ralph Burns says:


    Picked it up today (Forbidden Planet Glasgow had it in early). Another highly enjoyable instalment with loads going on in just 11 pages and a genuinely thrilling cliff-hanger regarding the US President. I guessed it might be that but still a good moment. The plane v Bumblebe sequence was very well paced and a solid slice of action.

    Mr Furman, if I could give some feedback on the scripts you had on offer at AA? I picked up the scripts for Marvel US #80 and Titan’s TF-UK #1, #9, #10 and #12 and settled down to read them properly with a pint of coke this evening. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining a read they were in their own right, considering they are written to guide the artists, etc. The Titan scripts in particular were a cracking good read and I got quite caught up on the action! Very excitingly described! I genuinely enjoyed reading them.

    I do hope you consider making more of your Transformer comic scripts available. I’d be happy to pick them up in that format!

  6. Paul Ridgon says:

    Ralph, if you think just reading them is entertaining, you should try reading them knowing that you’re going to be drawing them… I lost count of the times I read the script for #12 while I was working on it and there was always something new that I had obvioulsy missed before hand! One of the things I love about Simon’s writing, from an artist’s point of view, is that the action is all there, but there’s also a lot of freedom to interpret the script, hopefully it won’t be too long before I get another one to work from ;o)

    And on the Dragon’s Claws front, colour me totally psyched about this, not only did I get to have the story Simon and I did four years ago (is it really that long ago Simon?) included in the collection, but I’ve done a new, updated version, completely new art by me and colours by Jason Cardy, but I’ve just finished the inks this evening on a piece which I’m super chuffed to have been asked to do. Don’t want to give anything away, but it was one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had, fulfilling a childhood and professional dream.

    Sorry to have hijacked your blog there Simon, back to you!

  7. Jon S says:

    Sorry to hijack this TF-UK blog entry back to Dragon’s Claws, but I really hope Panini lets Geoff ink and colour his new cover as I don’t think they did his Death’s Head Vol 1 TPB cover justice.

    I always remember this amazing poster (which I think was in issue 1) and think it would make a great cover:

  8. Jon S says:

    Sorry to hijack this TF-UK blog back to Dragon’s Claws, but I always thought this poster Geoff did would make a great cover for the collection:

    However, I just hope Panini lets Geoff ink and colour his new cover himself this time, as I don’t think they did his Death’s Head cover justice last time.

  9. Ralph Burns says:

    Oh, and good work on #12, Paul Ridgon, BTW.

    Jon S: I remember that poster! It’s a cracker, all right. Ah, the nostalgia.

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