Right, let’s talk Cybertron. In fact, let’s talk ‘Return to Cybertron,’ the next four-part mini-epic from the alt. movie universe saga running in the Transformers (UK) comic/magazine. As always, the following contains teasers (rather than out and out spoilers), but if you’d rather not know at all, look away now. Okay, it all kicks off in TF-UK #17, as the escalating crisis on Earth necessitates a desperate plan and—for Ironhide, Bumblebee, Arcee and Armorhide—a not so happy homecoming. But, first things first! The current (sad) state of planet Earth necessitates some expert know-how, which leads Optimus Prime to summon a team of specialists (headed by Evac, making his comic strip debut). In the wake of the destruction of the All Spark (in ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming’), things are looking decidedly terminal for terra firma, and the President wants action. He gets it. ‘Subtle’ just ain’t in Evac’s crew’s toolkit. And what of Cybertron itself? What could possibly merit a virtual combat drop into a world currently as barren hostile as they come? One word: Nucleon! What’s waiting there for Ironhide and his team? All I can say is, someone hasn’t given up on Cybertron. In fact, they’ve gone to great lengths to see the planet rise like a phoenix from the ashes. But, of course, there’s a price… a really, really BIG price! You won’t believe where we’re going with this one! TF-UK #17 is out on the 9th of October. Hoo-hah! Art for part 1 of ‘Return to Cybertron’ is by Jon Davis-Hunt.


  1. Robby k says:

    hey Simon I just wanted to pop in and I you know how I feel about your current run at idw.
    I know I am not the first person to say it and I don’t know if after hearing it so much it looses it’s impact, but you Simon furman are doing an amazing job. I love the transformers, a little too much some would say, but regardles the work that you do matters a lot to me. Everyhing you have done has been amazing and if I ever get my chance to write a tf comic or any comic for that matter, your writting will always come to mind as a template for how things should be done. I know that sometimes fans can get mean with their comments on the forums. I take your as it should be taken, to entertain and to smile. I never take it personally when your plot lines thicken but they certainly always affect me, personally. Thanks for making my week everytime you and idw put out a book.

    Here’s to the fallen kicking some major ass next year.

    Robert k
    Ca i

  2. zhgingaah says:

    Nucleon eh… that 2nd panel just makes me wanna go:

    “Defend the well! None must pass! Defend the well!”

    Ah, Hydrus 4 how we miss you… 😛

  3. partholon says:

    “none must FEEEEEEED !!! ”

    Ah Z your bringing it all back 🙂

    i have been following the UK stuff through the little manga type transfomers adventures books that titan are doing and there great little reads. cant wait to see this when its collected. LOVE that preview art simon , made me laugh and reminded me of geoff for some reason. VERY dynamic.

  4. azurek says:

    Since I didn’t found your opinion about All Hail Megatron I wanted for some time to ask you: is it really in continuity with your IDW-verse G1? Many fans are concerned and wish it were NOT.
    1) Why people in AHM#1 don’t recognize transformers? We all saw how the world reacted to Sixshot and the Reapers.
    2) Why decepticons are simply on full-scale war and not proceeding with their six phase plan?
    3) Devastator??????????????? Come on, you clearly established problems with gestalt technology. Monstructor was for so many years the only one, better yet he was mentally unstable because of this technology.
    4) Old designs of starscream and his crew?
    5) Flashbacks at the begining of AHM#1? I mean the one where cons and bots are fighting and their have their earth outer structure and we see soundwave in the back, what’s going on?

    Please Mister Furman, make all of happy and say that All Hail Megatron is another continuity and has nothing to do with your IDW-verse.

  5. matthessey says:

    Yay nucleon! Always good to see the old stuff featuring in the new stuff 🙂
    So glad we’ve got you in the UK comic to take us through the gap between Revelations and Max Dinos because what with AHM not perfoming too well at the moment (Still though, its got 10 more issues to improve…) I need a TF comic I can rely on to constantly hit the standards I’ve come to expect 😉

  6. simon furman says:

    Hah. I thought if I mentioned Nucleon a bunch of you would get all misty-eyed with nostalgia.

    Robby – thanks for the words of support. Honestly, I welcome negative feedback too. It keeps me on my game. A lot of people felt Spotlight Doubledealer, for example, had too much going on and they’re right, but sometimes story compromises have to be made, and with Revelation there was a lot of condensing to be done. Glad people are still enjoying it, though.

    azurek, your questions would be better directed at Shane, who’s writing All Hail Megatron.

  7. zhgingaah says:

    You wanna see misty eyes, get Stubbies Wildman & Senior on board – go on, twist some arms!

    And here’s hoping we get some ‘expansion’ out of Max: Dinos… good luck with those plans!

  8. Carlos says:

    Hi Simon, this must be the 2nd or 2rd comment I post here 😀
    You may remember when I wrote you about how much I enjoyed Spotlight Arcee even though I absolutely hate fembots or TFs having gender. Well, you also made the impossible, you made Headmasters or Gestalts make sense in a serious (more mature) TF universe. And I feel I have to thank you for that 🙂

    Infiltration was a great read. Stormbringer blew my mind. Escalation was even better. Now, while I felt Devastation was a little disappointing in issues #4-6 (the first 3 issues were amazing), Revelation has become my top-favourite TF comic EVER. Yes I do see there’s a lot of stuff being condensed and I wished you’d had the time to properly develop everything you had planned, but I really wanted to say congratulations for an awesome book… and thanks again for all your hard and great job.

    Best regards (and greetings from Spain :P)


  9. Wow! Looks exciting. The artwork is ok too. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Didn’t mind the teaser. It just made me more excited.

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