More Transformers goodness hits this week in the shape of Transformers (UK) comic/magazine #17, a packed, oversized issue featuring not but two new/UK-exclusive Transformers stories! The first of these is set firmly in the new movie-verse, or at least the alternate one established by events in the epic ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming.’ Get ready now for an all-new multi-part epic in the shape of ‘Return to Cybertron,’ a positively world-shattering tale that takes the Autobots back to their homeworld (not the nicest of places to be currently) and into one of their biggest and most fraught battles. You really won’t believe where we’re going with this one! Featuring a whole host of new characters making their strip debut, at least this side of the Atlantic, ‘Return to Cybertron pt1’ is simply not to be missed. Story is by me, art by Jon Davis-Hunt. And as if wasn’t reason enough to pick up TF-UK #17, it comes with a bonus 5-page Transformers Animated story, featuring the Dinobots! Also written by me. All cunningly designed to make the upcoming Transformers Animated comic/magazine (out on Oct 23rd) still more desirable. And of course there’s more comic strip, more features, more letters and a fantastic free bumper tattoo set. TF-UK #17 is on sale Thursday 9th October.

12 Responses to TF-UK-A-GO-GO #17

  1. matthessey says:

    Man, can’t wait to pick this up tomorrow, sounds awesome and the art on that one page is some of the best I think I’ve seen gracing this comic 🙂

  2. Just a comment on Animated Sideswipe’s design as previewed in this issue, Simon…

    I realise you have no control over the art, but he looks horrendous.

    I don’t mind the lack of G1 callbacks persay, but the head is awful and he doesn’t even look like a Transformer.

  3. Charles RB says:

    Random destruction on Earth, TWO new sets of characters, secret dealings, a dangerous mission, cosmic events AND a cool new villain hitting things, in eleven pages? And then an Earthforce-esque strip with quotable lines? You’re spoiling us!

    (Ironhide’s expression when Stockade absorbs his punch is hilarious)

  4. Aesir says:

    i’ll be getting this tommorrow, I’m really getting into the current story lines for the new multiverse

  5. Simon Hall says:

    Well, I’ll be here for this (I’m still subscribing!). I have really been enjoying the UK title of late. The strips have been consistantly good and the art, by and large, has been superb. Although I would like to see a semi-regular art-team, as the rotating artists does fracture the reading experience somewhat. I’ll give the UK Animated title a go, as I’ve found the US Animated title disapointing. I’ll be watching the UK Animated title with interest, particularly as there is a severe lack of advertising and promotion here in the UK for this latest toyline (the cartoon itself lost to the back waters of satelite tv). I hope it will succeed, but still feel this would be better as an additional strip within the exsisting UK comic. I think there’s a perception that Animated, by the nature of its stylings, is aimed at a slightly younger audience which really isn’t the case.

  6. matthessey says:

    😮 Wow! This issue did not disappoint, although to be fair I wasn’t expecting it to 😉 Return to Cybertron’s first part set the stage for the other parts well, and left me wondering just what Nucleon does in this movie verse, and the Animated mini strip was also pretty good, Starscream was suitably ‘sarky’, for lack of a better word and the way Sari bargained with the Dynobots was hillarious! 😉

    Veering off topic here, I was wondring if you might be able to help me out with something Simon? I have an idea for a comic that I’d like to put to a publisher, and was wondering if you’d be able to give me some quick tips and advice on how to go about it?

  7. Simon Hall says:

    My copy came yesterday and I read to cheer myself up after clearing up after our cats (don’t ask!). Really liked the art on this issue. The movie designs looked simpler, allowing for some xharacterisation to creep through on the faces of those ‘busy’ designs. It really feels like this tale is really starting to go places now and has done a great deal to make me warm to the movie-verse even more (i didn’t bother with the US Reign Of Starscream). Good stuff! The purple cover is er, interesting though!

  8. simon furman says:

    Glad the reaction to Return to Cybertron seems to be so positive. Trust me, this series really is going places. You won’t believe where!

    And if you liked the short Dinobots TF Animated story be sure to check out the first issue of the mag itself, on sale on the 23rd.

  9. simon furman says:

    Matt, the simplest answer is make your submission short and pithy. Editors have little or no time to read full scripts or big, bible-style documents. Try and nail the nub of your idea in one sentence and then hit the main story points in one paragraph.

  10. Aesir says:

    Read the stories this month now, I loved the depiction of Cybertron, so not what I expected for this multi-verse.
    Is this story going to be intersecting with the Bad Spark story? like one week they do the Cybertron story, the next week we see what’s going on on Earth with Jazz?
    Also who are\the Decepticons on Cybertron, I can recognise like 3 of them, but I don’t know.
    Also, why is Armorhide suddenly green?

  11. matthessey says:

    Huge thanks for the tips Simon, they’ll be a huge help 🙂

  12. Aesir says:

    Unicron in issue 18 Mr Furman? Is that really wise? (PS I’m aware that this is for issue 17, but cant find issue 18’s blog entry here) the story would probably get retconned out if Unicron makes an appearance in the movies, even though this is a different reality

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