It’s the turn of Maximum Dinobots #3 for the script analysis treatment, and as always what follows boils down to teasers rather than outright spoilers, but if you’d simply rather know nothing, look away now! Okay, the poor old town of Fallon, Nevada, which has already suffered all manner of rampaging destructiveness and other sundry indignities in issues #1 & 2, gets another mauling this issue when—in addition to brawling, embittered Dynobots—Scorponok’s Headmasters get well and truly stuck in! As Scorponok’s grand, labyrinthine plan finally unfolds, poor old Skywatch (the human organization tasked with policing the skies against alien threats, in particular giant warring robots) are still struggling to catch up, pulled this way and that by the Machination. But Skywatch Chief of Operations Joshua Red has had enough, and makes some seriously major rearguard moves that will have implications not just on this series but on the IDW/TF-verse in general (for some considerable time to come). And things still aren’t looking good for poor old Hot Rod, who’s got a ringside seat (uncomfortably close, you might say) for Scorponok’s show. Is help at hand or is all hope gone? By the time you get to the end of this issue you may well be leaning towards the latter! Maximum Dinobots #3 ships in February 09, story by me, art by Nick Roche (#1 is looking SO good!) and colours by Josh Burcham (#1 is… looking even better!!). Miss it, and it’ll be poor old YOU! For news and updates on all IDW’s Transformers comic check out their site here.


  1. Simon Hall says:

    ooh this sounds good! pleased to see we’ll be catching up with Scorpy and the Headmasters in this series. Looking forward to it… and Nick Roche! ACE!

  2. Bass X0 says:

    sounds more entertaining than All Hail Megatron!

  3. Bass X0 says:

    oh, can you tell us if Scorponok’s headmasters will be Mindwipe, Weirdwolf, Skullcruncher etc… or Sunstreaker clones?

  4. Chris N says:

    I’d imagine army o’ Sunstreakers.

    Only regret I’ve got about MD is that, to some degree, we already have some idea as to the eventual Earth-related ramifications. Boo.

    But then that’s another rant for another day…

    Me cannot wait.

  5. partholon says:

    cant wait for this series. its mad to think the dinos have been neglected for so long in terms of getting one considering the fan love for them.

    i cant wait to see what nick doing on the art front. i REALLY liked what he did in spotlight hardhead and im hoping he continures he same here.

    should be fun.

    oh and by the way, finished sideswipe yesterday. WOW, thats all i’ll say. ya pulled that one off beautifully. im actually gonna miss the dead universe guys now. hopefully someday we’ll get another chance to get to know em.

  6. Josh says:

    I wouldn’t think it would be Skullcruncher – Didn’t he bite the big one in Stormbringer on Nebulos?
    Looking forward to it

  7. Bass X0 says:

    Yeah, I forgot about those guys on Nebulos. They didn’t really get enough exposure.

  8. Jon S says:

    On a side note, is the Panini Dragon’s Claws trade out yet? has it listed as ‘Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 weeks’ but that’s no guarantee! And is there a chance you’ll be doing a signing at Forbidden Planet to promote it??

  9. TaterX says:

    Not for nothing but AHM just does not pass muster w/ me. I need my scribe! This sounds like it should be off the hook and back up to standard.

  10. Zedebo says:

    I get the feeling that during this series there could be an opportunity to ressurrect Nightbeat as a Headmaster due to his good relationship with Hot Rod, after all Hardhead did shoot him the head

  11. Coptur says:

    I was wondering if Simon was going to add ‘Acid Storm’ from the new universe toy line to the seeker ranks??

    In stead of having him be schemer like Starscream and Ramjet or loyal like Skywarp and Thundercracker. I would like to see a decepticon be a complete bastard, someone that Starscream would think twice about double crossing fearing the repercussions but can trust to get a job done.

    ps really enjoyed spotlight Sideswipe

  12. Looking forward to it. It’s been too long since this aspect of the plot has been touched upon.

  13. simon furman says:

    An army of Sunstreakers is indeed what we have here. Though both Nick and Josh were keen to make them just a little bit more ‘individual.’

    I have my copy of the Dragon’s Claws TPB and lovely it is. So I’m assuming it’s out there in bookstores too. No signing at FP currently but I’m sure that’ll happen again at some point.

    Headmaster Nightbeat?? Keep watching.

    No plans for Acid Storm.

    And thanks for all the positive feedback, here and elsewhere for Spotlight Sideswipe. I was really pleased with how it came out.

  14. Jon S says:

    Rich Johnston nicely plugged the Dragon’s Claws trade in his Lying in the Gutters column yesterday:

    I’ve ordered mine from, I just hope it comes quicker than the 1-3 weeks shipping time it promises!!

  15. Straya says:

    A rather belated comment, but…

    I’m chomping at the bit here for Maximum Dinobots, despite the fact that it seems things aren’t so good for Hot Rod. But I never cared much for the character prior to IDW’s main line, now he’s one of the characters I’m eager to see more about. Same with Sunstreaker.

    And speaking of the yellow devil…

    Something of a tangent question if you’ve got the time and the want to answer it. Sure, Hunter’s gone Headmaster now, but I got to thinking the other day what his life might have been like aside from info provided in “Hail and Farewell.” We know he ran that website of his, but what did he do for a living in terms of actual income? I’ve always pegged him to be in his early twenties, so I’m curious if there’s an answer to that question.

  16. Brett says:

    Simon, I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I’m really looking forward to Maximum Dinobots. I’ve been rather let-down by All Hail Megatron thus far, so I’m looking forward to seeing your take on things for a while.

    On a more general note, your run in IDW’s sandbox has been great, in my opinion. I enjoyed Revelation for what it was–even if I really wish we’d been able to see the conclusion to your tale in the way you’d originally intended. Spotlights Cyclonus and Hardhead were especially good, and I thoroughly enjoyed Sideswipe as well. Considering how compacted that story-arc was, you did an admirable job, all things considered.

    With fully another five issues for Maximum Dinobots, I have confidence that you’ll keep the good stuff coming. Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication!

    ~Brett L. Bass

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