Coming this December from Dynamite Entertainment, issue #1 of an all-new (5-issue) Terminator series β€” Terminator: Revolution. The story, which picks up on characters/situations from my previous Terminator series, Terminator: Infinity (now out in handy trade paperback collected edition), kicks of in the year 2015, as John Connor spearheads the fightback against Skynet and the machines in the post-Judgment Day world. But, of course, this being Terminator, we’re not just confined to one era, oh no. The action jumps from 2015 to 2033 to 1996, and involves John, Tara (Connor), Sarah Connor, John, Kyle and a whole skid load of Terminators: the T-Infinity (from Terminator: Infinity), the Dire Wolf (a whole new kind of Terminator) and no less than eight T-850s on the loose in Earth’s past. Art for the series is by Lui Antonio, and check out Richard Isanove’s cover to #1 by clicking on the thumbnail (below). If you want more, check out these interviews here and here.



  1. Coptur says:

    More people need to comment on your your non transformers work because it is just as good.

    ps i still think you should right for Marvels New Exiles as your ‘What if’ run kicked ass, and was truly some of the best.

  2. simon furman says:

    Hey thanks, much as I realise most people are checking for Transformers news, it’s always good to get feedback on other stuff like Terminator.

  3. darkness says:

    I’m planning on checking this out, I picked up your last Terminator series and it was cool so I look forward to this one.

  4. michael says:

    skynet was runs the risk of messing the timestream once again, undoing all it’s hard work back in the “Infinity” events

  5. JimS says:

    I realize that this thread has been out there for a while, but I wanted to chime in. I just got my copies of #1 and #2, and they’re both terrific. You write strong, kick-ass females very well, it’s a shame that Transformers doesn’t offer more of a canvas for that sort of thing. (Mind you, Verity and Arcee were both nice, but TF is more of a boys club.) Lui Antonio’s art helps make it a vivid world. The horde of identical terminators in 1996 were great imagery. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the dire wolf and the T-Infinity.

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