Out this week, Wednesday December 10th in the US, 11th in the UK, is the first issue (of five) of Maximum Dinobots, the no-holds barred return of Grimlock, Sludge, Slag, Snarl and Swoop. Plus Scorponok, Sunstreaker, Hot Rod, Headmasters and more! And though issue #1 picks up on story strands laid in various Spotlights and Escalation/Devastation, this one kicks off from the ground level, bringing the five Dinobots—last seen together way back in Spotlight Shockwave—back together again in a raging battle-filled storyline that pulls no punches. Featuring Nick Roche’s amazing art and Josh Burcham’s scintillating colours, Maximum Dinobots is just a must-have. We confidently predict a roaring success! Click on the thumbnail below for a look at #1’s cover and check out the IDW website here for more news on upcoming Transformers comics releases.

11 Responses to TO THE MAX!

  1. Coptur says:

    Great looking forward to some Dinobot action.

    So Mr F will Slag vs Slapper ever happen!?!? Sorry to be a bit lude , but i just had to be the first to ask lol

  2. Only 48 hours to go! Can’t wait.

  3. partholon says:


    man it must be christmas but this seems to have flown up on us. cant wait to put my order in for this puppy. hopefully the first of a series of minis on the dinos. i seriously dont understand why it hasnt happend already ! 🙂 🙂

    this is gonna be great.

  4. Jon S says:

    Interview with Mr Furman about Max Dinos here:

    (Is it just me or would ‘Max Dino’ be a good name for a new Dinobot?!)

  5. Matt Hessey says:

    Must have this issue… now! :p

  6. Jeysie says:

    I really enjoyed this issue… it’s good to be getting to see your Earth side of the -ation plots in play again… and Roche’s art is lovely as always.

    And I got a Western Massachusite chuckle out of Northampton, MA getting a mention. Whee!

  7. WeeklyHero says:

    I can’t wait to pick up this issue because it takes place in my hometown and I want to see how close you got to it, Simon!

  8. Charles RB says:

    Loved it! There’s a lot crammed in while still maintaining a sharp pace, the Hunter-Sunstreaker dynamic is great, every key player is showing some smarts (nice to see Joshua Red’s noticed what keeps happening to his group!), and that opening three pages says everything you need to know about the Dino’s and what they do.

    Plus the art’s great, but we all know it is cos it’s by Nick Roche (MAXIMUM Roche!).

  9. eman b.zubia says:

    a must have issues.but dang! aint stiil no copy here in the philippines.hope it will arrive sson.

  10. Andy Turnbull says:

    Absolutely splendid work from everyone involved, Throughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next issue.

  11. Zero says:

    Stuff actually happening? That’s nice. Too many TF books recently not moving in any direction 😉

    You rock.

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