January 8, 2009

As some of you may know, I was out at Hasbro’s Pawtucket, RI HQ in December for a big ‘all-things-Transformers’ powwow. Amazingly, it was my first visit to the home of Hasbro, and is commemorated here courtesy of a photo taken by Rik Alvarez (thanks, Rik). I’m the one on the left, by the way.



January 8, 2009

Out now, both sides of the Atlantic — is Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #2, the continuation of the all-action mini-epic that pulls together (almost all of) the remaining story strands from various Spotlights and the ‘–ion’ series. If you read issue #1—and if not, why not—you’ll know that Grimlock has been targeted by Scorponok, head (literally!) of the self-styled Machination. Quite why Scorponok is so dead set on putting Grimlock through the wringer becomes more apparent this issue, largely because he’s gone and got himself an audience in the shape of Hot Rod (who’s seen better days!) and before you can say, “No, mister Bond, I expect you to die…” he’s waxing eloquent about his grand plan. Meanwhile, Grimlock is reunited with his fellow Dynobots, Slag, Sludge, Swoop and Snarl, but it’s a far from happy reunion. It’s not just that the human alien-defence organization Skywatch has them at its beck and call, it’s that Scorponok is also pulling their strings in order to create maximum mayhem. And believe me, there’s an abundance of mayhem to be had this issue! Poor Fallon, Nevada. Plus more on Sun-Hunter, a guest star or three and the return of the big bad that really started off the whole Dinobot saga! Click on the thumbnail below for a look at the cover and go, go, go to your local comic store — NOW!