As some of you may know, I was out at Hasbro’s Pawtucket, RI HQ in December for a big ‘all-things-Transformers’ powwow. Amazingly, it was my first visit to the home of Hasbro, and is commemorated here courtesy of a photo taken by Rik Alvarez (thanks, Rik). I’m the one on the left, by the way.

14 Responses to DOUBLE TAKE

  1. Nice pick.

    Makes the mind wonder what the big “TF Powow” was about. The Movie, most probably, but if Mr Alverez was there again …

  2. Shouldn’t that be “Pawtucket, RI”? Not Nantucket?

  3. zhgingaah says:

    Mr.Transformers only gets to Hasbro HQ after 25 years of hard graft?! WTF?!

    LOL About time too… when are they making you in to a pretender shell or somthing…? 😛

    Anything exciting there spark at your creative touch paper?

    (Oh, and how’s The 13? *_*)

  4. M. Priest says:

    Yeah, it’s PAW- (Pronounced “PAAAAAH”) tucket. I should know, I live less than a half hour away from where that pic was taken. Big TF summit, eh? Anymore news on “The Thirteen” yet, Simon?

  5. simon furman says:

    Oops. Don’t drink and blog, kids. I’ve amended!

  6. FFN says:

    About bloody time you got to go to Hasbro, mate! I’m in total envy of you now.

  7. It was great seeing you again, Simon. Too bad it was bloody cold and our driver couldn’t find any of the right roads. Hope to see you in Pasadena!

  8. Joel says:

    Always nice to get a photo next to the CEO of Hasbro!

  9. Terome says:

    The intrigue of an ‘all-things-Transformers’ powwow is so intense that it burns.

  10. darkness says:

    I support that pretender idea. A Furman Pretender would be cool. Call it Symon or something.

    Great picture Simon, it’s about time you got to Rhode Island. My only question is, who’s head do we rub for luck?;-)

  11. WILDMAN says:

    😀 Great picture
    Whats that strange object by your feet???

  12. Paul Cannon says:

    In fact is that Mr Furman standing next to his pretender shell? Does he transform into mash potato or chips?

  13. Colin says:

    Simon was once in Pawtucket
    but thought he was in Nantucket
    He held up his hand
    Potato drew a line in the sand
    And that was the very end of it.

  14. Bass X0 says:

    No new updates, Simon?

    Does this mean you’re incredibly busy or not at all?

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