Out now, both sides of the Atlantic — is Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #2, the continuation of the all-action mini-epic that pulls together (almost all of) the remaining story strands from various Spotlights and the ‘–ion’ series. If you read issue #1—and if not, why not—you’ll know that Grimlock has been targeted by Scorponok, head (literally!) of the self-styled Machination. Quite why Scorponok is so dead set on putting Grimlock through the wringer becomes more apparent this issue, largely because he’s gone and got himself an audience in the shape of Hot Rod (who’s seen better days!) and before you can say, “No, mister Bond, I expect you to die…” he’s waxing eloquent about his grand plan. Meanwhile, Grimlock is reunited with his fellow Dynobots, Slag, Sludge, Swoop and Snarl, but it’s a far from happy reunion. It’s not just that the human alien-defence organization Skywatch has them at its beck and call, it’s that Scorponok is also pulling their strings in order to create maximum mayhem. And believe me, there’s an abundance of mayhem to be had this issue! Poor Fallon, Nevada. Plus more on Sun-Hunter, a guest star or three and the return of the big bad that really started off the whole Dinobot saga! Click on the thumbnail below for a look at the cover and go, go, go to your local comic store — NOW!


15 Responses to MAX LOAD

  1. WeeklyHero says:

    I enjoyed the first issue and I’m off to the comic store this weekend to get issue 2, but being a citizen of Fallon, NV, I gotta say it looks nothing liek the comic does. Which is a shame because I’d rather have the big parks there. So destroy the town, I’m glad to see it get the recognition that craphole deserves. Anyway the comic’s great, the best stuff coming out now, keep up the good work!

  2. Sonictail says:

    Dammit, I was going to avoid going to the comic store this weekend >.< A hint of ol’ one eye is enough to get me going!

    Btw, who came up with the idea of the “Maximum Dinobots No More” cover, yourself of Nick?

  3. Terome says:

    Nice issue, Simon. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Monsterbots and I loved the bit of backstory you added onto Slag. Scorponok’s not really very sympathetic this time round, but he’s several tons of fun and Nick draws him better than anyone else, I’d say.

    Interesting that the Dynobots were formed under their own volition – seems that the Tactical Response Units are populated on a per spec basis. Do the Dynobots predate the whole TRU system we’re familiar with?

    Seems pretty unlikely that Hot Rod, who has the Big Ball Of Knowing Everything, -wouldn’t- know exactly what Scorponok is/was/will be up to. Seems like he was captured just a little -too- easily…

  4. Charles RB says:

    I am loving this to bits – great fun stuff.

    And who are those three guys who’ve just turned up…?

  5. Coptur says:

    finally got the issue loved it and thanks for a of Slag background info – still very much my all time favourite Di – Dynobot

  6. Coptur says:

    oops i meant a ‘bit’ of.

    Also looking forward to the Monsterbots

  7. Coptur says:

    but what follows them Horrocons?

  8. zedebo says:

    Top issue, excellently written as always. However, I’m not to keen on how the Dinobots look in their robot modes, it’s looks too much like Nick Roche has taken his artistic ques from TF:Animated. Swoop looks far to thin, he needs to be chunkier, what self respecting Decepticon would be scared of a skinny Dinobot?

  9. Conor E says:

    Unlike the original toys, which each had to be roughly the same size, these versions of the Dinobots are free to be different sizes. It looks like Nick’s trying to get the correct scale for each of their dino modes, and that leaves Swoop as the smallest.

  10. Coptur says:

    I must say I love Sludge being massive he should be more than a match for ol’ Scorponok

  11. Nick Roche says:

    Hey-hey! Nice to see this getting some attention and positive words! It’s all tinsel, chaps!

    WeeklyHero: Wow! I was convinced there’d be no Fallonites who’d see this book! Apart from the park area though, which was a necessary addition to the story, is the general look of the buildings and architecture style in *any* way close to a Fallon vibe? I did do research, honest! Just curious as to whether or not I overshot completely!

    Zedebo: Hey man, I was doing big chins and skinny waists waaaay before Animated! 🙂 I jest, I jest. But yeah, unfortunately, as Conor E posits above, to have the mass of the other guys, Swoops Dino mode would be super huge, and kinda unlikely to fly, at least in the way he does. I hear ya that it’s unusual to see the Dinobots look so different in body shape to one another, but it gives them even more individuality, I feel.

    Keep reading, peoples. Simon ryts gud comecs, yeh?

  12. Coptur says:

    Yep me again…
    Has it ever been considered/explored a possible link Between Prowl, Bluestreak/Silverstreak & Smokescreen ‘brothers’ or something else??
    Sunstreaker and Sideswipes similar connection has long been known that they’re brothers (in some universes) and Chris McCarthy recently gave us incite as to why the seekers all look same.

    Hoist and Trailbreaker were drawn to look different from the start and only the toys are similar. Grapple & Inferno have always managed to stay miles apart in fiction.
    Totally my opinion but I’ve always viewed Bluestreak/Silverstreak & Smokescreen as take it or leave it characters, cannon fodder or those bots that look a lot like Prowl for no reason.

    I’m usually a fan of obscure characters such as Reflector but as I’ve mentioned the two Prowl clones have no appeal for me and I always disregard and shun them.

  13. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for doing a top-notch job on the TFs over the years. I have especially loved the -ation series and I am so glad that you’re doing Maximum Dinobots. My question is: will you be back to do the “main” storyline again? I mean, you had developed plots and sub-plots ahoy in the -ation and Spotlight series to create this over-arching storyline and now it seems like you’ve been kicked out for an Aussie with a predilection for the 80s version of the TFs with no real interest in the story you had crafted beforehand. I’m all for a walk down “memory lane” but not when it’s at the expense of a fantastic, mature vision that you and EJ had created.

  14. Jeff Steele says:

    Is Jim-Bob’s Diner (in Maximum Dinobots #2) a reference to Jim Salicrup and Bob Budiansky? Or is Jim-Bob just a name?

  15. Jeff Steele says:

    I recently found out that Jim-Bob’s Diner is a reference to Last Stand of The Wreckers co-writer James Roberts.

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