March 31, 2009

Well, kind of. Those new/original strips that were already in progress, in some form or another, when the UK Transformers Animated comic sadly bit the dust, have found a new home in Titan’s core Transformers Universe comic. So, as well as 11 pages of new alternate movie continuity strip, issues #23-25 will also contain UK-exclusive TF Animated strips: a whole 11 (extra!) pages of Transformers goodness! Kicking things off in #23 (on sale now), a bumper 68-page issue, is a Swoop/Dinobots story, ‘Dive-Bomb’ written by me and drawn by John McCrea. Plus, the first part of the epic three-part conclusion to our alternate universe movie storyline, which began back in issue #9 with ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming.’ ‘Revolution part 1’ sees the Decepticons all out bid to re-conquer Earth, the Autobots powerless to stop them and an ending that’ll drop jaws countrywide!



March 31, 2009

So let’s start the round of updates proper with Transformers: Maximum Dinobots #4, which hits stores this week (1st April in the US, 2nd in the UK). Featuring the illustrative talents of not one but two gobsmackingly good Transformers artists (namely Nick Roche and James Raiz), Maximum Dinobots #4 moves events along apace into the (5-issue) series’ searing, big-battle conclusion. Story threads extending back as far as Spotlight: Shockwave are pulled together as the Dynobots and their new allies, the Monsterbots, take the fight to Scorponok’s door (in the Machination compound in Dallas) and kick it in! Sounds straightforward, right? One last all-out tilt against Scorp’s Headmaster army, do or die. But Scorponok is not the only one with an agenda here. For a start, there’s the somewhat wary alliance between Shockwave and Soundwave, both of whom have their own endgames in sight. Then there’s Sunstreaker, who wants his (real) head back, and his Headmaster partner Hunter, and Hot Rod, who’s slap bang in the middle of this titanic tussle, and Agent Red and Skywatch. Phew! It’s all about to go ballistic, big-time! Who’s left standing at the end of #4? Not everyone!! For more info on this and other IDW Transformers comics check out their website here, and click on on the thumbnail below for a peek at Nick’s wonderful cover.


March 31, 2009

I know, I know! Another long absence! But it’s my intent, this week and next, to bring everyone bang up to speed on what’s been going on (a lot!) and what’s therefore coming up (work-wise). Short form list of projects right now include… Starcraft (a new monthly comic from Wildstorm, based on the hit computer game from Blizzard Entertainment, which kicks off in May), an Ironhide/Optimus Prime story in the first (I think) issue of All Hail Megatron: Coda, two (currently) top secret Spotlights (Transformers, naturally) for IDW, a trio of books (Rad Robots for Kyle Cathie, Transformers: The Art of the Movies for Titan and Transformers: The Movie Universe for DK), volume 2 of Titan’s Transformers UK and a movie script, something that’s been kicking around for a while but now has an actual option attached. That last one may well have to remain under wraps for a while yet, but more on that when I can.