Well, kind of. Those new/original strips that were already in progress, in some form or another, when the UK Transformers Animated comic sadly bit the dust, have found a new home in Titan’s core Transformers Universe comic. So, as well as 11 pages of new alternate movie continuity strip, issues #23-25 will also contain UK-exclusive TF Animated strips: a whole 11 (extra!) pages of Transformers goodness! Kicking things off in #23 (on sale now), a bumper 68-page issue, is a Swoop/Dinobots story, ‘Dive-Bomb’ written by me and drawn by John McCrea. Plus, the first part of the epic three-part conclusion to our alternate universe movie storyline, which began back in issue #9 with ‘Twilight’s Last Gleaming.’ ‘Revolution part 1’ sees the Decepticons all out bid to re-conquer Earth, the Autobots powerless to stop them and an ending that’ll drop jaws countrywide!


  1. Charles RB says:

    It certainly dropped MY jaw! And it’s always fun to see an Animated Dinobots story too (the gag with Snarl’s lack of dialogue was brilliant).

    Revolution’s only three parts though? I thought it was going to be four to carry on into #26.

  2. JimS says:

    Wonderful news! I always thought there was something shady about Afterburn . . . I guess I’ll find out for sure.

  3. Bass X0 says:

    Any chance these will be later reprinted as The Allspark Saga was?

  4. I just need to find a copy now, I missed one from two months ago. The comic doesn’t last long near me, which is a good sign. The bad sign is only 1 shop stocks it 😦

  5. Conor E says:

    Bass XO posted what I wanted to. You’re killing me with talk of a Transformers series that might never get published on this side of the pond. There’ll probably be a drought of movie comics after the sequel’s out, so there’s a glimmer of hope.

  6. SKent says:

    That’s too bad, I was hoping the Transformers Animated storyline was going to continue indefinitely.

    3 issues is better than nothing, but I wanted more.

    Is there any plans for how the Titan Movieverse will tie in with Revenge of the Fallen?

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