Next up in my trio of bookshelf additions for 09 is Rad Robots, a “Celebration of Awesome Automatons.” This 176-page feast of all things robotic, android, artificial and A.I. covers movies, TV, books, toys, comics and more, sometimes in obsessive depth, providing the perfect gift book for anyone with a passion for the metallic! From before there were even robots (as such, the term wasn’t coined until 1921) to today’s cutting edge real world mechs, Rad Robots covers pretty much everything in-between, highlighting the prehistory of robots, early/pulp science fiction (both print and celluloid), bad robots, quirky robots, rogue A.I.s, Asimov’s robots, sexy robots, toy robots, comic book robots and much, much more. Chapters include: ‘Robots with Dangerous Curves,’ ‘When Robots Go Bad’ and ‘Rise of the Robots.’ So, if you want to know the connection between a Renaissance artist and a robot, or just what I consider to be the two definitive ‘bad robot’ movies or just how much I adore ‘new’ Battlestar Galactica (and Number 6), this is the book for you. The book, published by Kyle-Cathie, is released in the UK in June (go here if you’d like to pre-order from Amazon), with its US release still to be confirmed. See below for a sneak peak at the innards:

3 Responses to RAD ROBOTS!

  1. FFN says:

    Hmm, I might be up for this book, too. Hopefully you will expound upon the human-like sentience of robots in science fiction.

  2. trashrobot says:

    thanks for the link to the Amazon book. What I miss in the new Battle Star Gallactica though is the Knight Rider shiny flashy red ligth helmets. Even the Cyclons look like humans isn’t that strange. Not really I guess, please pop along to my Blog about trash robots, I would do with the support. Thanks Rad Robot’s great post.

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