It’s that time again. Suddenly it’s all about ‘where, what, when’ — as the conventions/signings cycle for the year commences. London, Forbidden Planet Megastore (in Shaftesbury Avenue) is the first ‘where’ for me, the ‘what’ being a group signing (along with the likes of D’Israeli, Ian Edginton, Paul Grist and Brian Williamson) to commemorate the launch of the first Torchwood graphic novel, collecting the entirety of the Rift War storyline (to which I contributed the first few scripts). The ‘when’ is Saturday, April 25th (from 1-2PM or thereabouts). For more details, check out FP’s signing schedule here, and don’t feel too limited by the Torchwood tag. If you can make it along, I’ll be happy to sign copies of Transformers, Terminator or whatever else you care to thrust under my nose (within limits!). After that, it’s to Bristol for Comics Expo on May 9th, then onwards to Derry in June and the San Diego Comicon in July. More details, right here, on all those (and probably more) nearer the time or as they get firmed up!


  1. Carlos Camara says:

    Missed your signing. Mr. Furman are you attending the Bristol Comic Book Convention in May?

  2. JimS says:

    No chance of a Botcon appearance this year?

  3. simon furman says:

    Yes to Bristol, but Botcon’s currently looking doubtful.

  4. Bobby says:

    Great to hear you’re coming to Derry again Simon… See you there!

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