So, the big wrap up! The five-issue Transformers: Maximum Dinobots series ends this week with the release of issue #5 (15th April in the US, 16th or maybe even 17th in the UK, depending on bank holidays and such). Who lives? Who dies? Who gets to walk off into the sunset or mutter “this could be the beginning of the beautiful friendship,” all these things and more are revealed within. Can’t say too much more ‘cause it’ll spoils the surprises, but suffice to say that to all things (give or take)… and ending! Numerous story arcs, not least those of the titular Dinobots, are tied up in a neat bow (Shockwave, Scorponok, Soundwave, Sunstreaker/Hunter, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod all wrap to some degree or another) and there’s even room for a quick hello from the long-absent Verity and Jimmy! Yeah, squeezed ‘em in. Anything for a quiet life! Needless to say, issue #5 is crammed to bursting with action. I’ve staged some battles in my time but this multi-agenda, multi-party donnybrook took some strategic realizing. If you like a whole lot of bang for your buck (or four) — this one’s for you!

9 Responses to OUT NOW – MAXIMUM DINOBOTS #5

  1. Carlos says:

    Thanks, Simon. Not only for 20+ years of great comic writing, but also for one of my favourite comic miniseries of all time.

    I mean it, THANKS.

  2. RaJ says:

    JUST FINISHED READING IT…It was so awesome. What will come of Grimlock, will he make an appearance in the future? Once again thanks for a great series

  3. David says:

    I liked it. Thanks for another great issue and series.

  4. Wow, Simon, this issue was spectacular! Double the action, double the artists, quadruple the surprises! The art was incredible as it has been for all 5 issues, with storytelling that had me on the edge of my seat. I laughed outloud when Swoop said ‘that is ugly’. And all questions from the previous arcs have finally been answered, even the previously missing Verity and Jimmy. Well done, Mr. Furman. The IDW TF universe will not be the same without you.

  5. Luke says:

    Love this as a finale!!! So much character without much time in each issue but A PACKED series. You all did so well working on it!
    Cheers Simon,

  6. Coptur says:

    Loved this issue, all i want now is more Monsterbots 🙂

  7. Jeff Steele says:

    I’m looking forward to the Transformers: Maximum Dinobots trade paperback. 🙂

  8. Carl Timms says:

    Great story and terrifically paced as all your work has always been Simon. Thanks for a brilliant story. I really hope this is not the end of your involvement with the TF universe as someone seems to hint above.

    You for me are Transformers, and probably the very first writer when I was a kid who’s name actually alone would make me pick up a comic. To not be involved would be a great injustice to the TF world and characters you have so memorably created. Can you confirm what is the latest in terms of your involvement?

  9. partholon says:

    read the whole lot (1-5) in one go and its a cracking little story.

    i LOVED james interpretation of the dinos and the monsters, here hoping he gets more work in future. he kinda reminds me of gene ha and zander cannons work on alan moores “top ten” , and thats not to take from nicks works. this iteration of the dinos seems to work differently than the previous ones which opens interesting avenues. i like the idea of swoop, whos usually grimlocks right hand mech taking a more “hawkeye” role. a bit of intergroup conflict always helps.

    as typical though ya left me wanting more so i hope a sequel is in the offing 🙂

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