Just a quick addendum to the FP signing this past Saturday, some pics from the event. Thanks to everyone who turned out for the event, in particular the posse of Transfans from the IDW boards who made a day out of it. The first pic shows, left to right: me, Brian Williamson, Paul Grist, D’Israeli and (obscured) Ian Edginton. The second is me showing off my hastily printed Rad Robots T-shirt. I hope, by the Bristol Comics Expo in a couple of weeks’ time, to have version 2 ready for wearing!

4 Responses to FORBIDDEN PICS

  1. Martin Fisher says:

    Maybe I should have got a little closer when taking those pics 🙂

  2. jp says:

    Unfortunately due to the downscaled Bristol con this will mark the first year I can’t go as all the tickets have been sold. Hopefully I’ll still meet you in the bar for a pint though…

  3. Ed Hipkiss says:

    Simon – are you at Bristol Expo on the Sunday or just the Saturday this year? Had hoped to go Saturday, but the ticket shortfall means I could only get a Sunday ticket.

    You very kindly signed one of my Transformers collections about 6 years ago when I went – was hoping to get the opportunity to say hello again!

  4. simon furman says:

    The bar, Saturday night, is a good bet. Likewise, Ed, if you’re around on the Saturday evening…

    Otherwise, I’m just there for the Saturday. More details soon.

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