Next Saturday, May 9th, I’ll be at the UK’s Bristol Comics Expo, which this year is taking place entirely at the Ramada Plaza hotel. Apart from generally loitering around the bar area, I’ll be signing between 3PM and 4PM, and as well as scrawling on copies of anything from Transformers to Torchwood to Terminator and beyond, I’ll have more of those Rad Robots promotional brochures to sign and give away. And maybe some cool stuff for sale too. First come, first served. So, if you have tickets for Bristol (if not, it’s too late, the event is SOLD OUT) pop along and see me for a signature, chat or both. Who knows what I might let slip (especially in the bar)! For more details on the event go here.



  1. bassbot says:

    so when are you coming to Sydney! We’ve got some great bars, heh heh.

  2. Jon S says:

    I second that! You should contact these guys and see if they’ll fly you out for a convention/holiday!


  3. Hey Simon, I look forward to seeing you there! I’ll miss the signing as I’m tied to a table all day at the Small Press Expo, but on the off chance I get some spare time, I’m bringing an old UK Marvel Transformers issue!

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