While the Transformers sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, is due to open in cinemas on June 19th (here in the UK anyway), you can get an advance taste of what you can expect on the big screen this week, when the first issue of the official comic book adaptation of Revenge of the Fallen hits stores (May 20th in the US, May 21st in the UK). This was my first stab at turning a movie script into a comic book, so I’m eager to hear what people think. It was actually more of a challenge than I thought it would be, as so much has to be condensed, refined, shuffled or realigned to make it work as a cohesive, coherent panel-to-panel comic book. All the key plot points need to be front and centre and some stuff, inevitably, has to be almost sidelined or skipped over (you’d need eight issues or more to squeeze absolutely everything from a two hour plus action movie in!). I also wanted each issue to feel like a proper comic book, not just one quarter of a whole. But it was fun too. And I was pleased with the end product, especially as artist Jon Davis-Hunt made it all look so damn good! Revenge of the Fallen: The Official Movie Adaptation #1 will be in-store this week, with #2-4 following in quick succession thereafter. For more details of all IDW Transformers releases, check out their website here.

3 Responses to REVENGE IS HERE!

  1. John-Paul says:

    Hey Simon,

    Was good to see you at Bristol and good to catch up. I hope you’ve seen Star Trek by now – as promised my review is up here:

  2. M3Gr1ml0ck says:

    Mr Furman, I think that your writing made a small miracle, making me actually think that this year’s movie could even be worth something.
    Excellent revised (?) dialogues, with many lovely “Furmanisms”: “…a Revelation”, “…this Escalation”, “this is not my war”, “it never ends”, “end of the road”. 🙂

  3. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    It’s pretty cool to hear that you’re handling the official movie adaptation Simon. I’m looking forward to seeing what the sequel will be like.

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