The first issue of Wildstorm’s Starcraft comic, based on the bestselling computer game from Blizzard Entertainment, hits stores this week, heralding a whole new comics venture for yours truly. Truth be told, I’m not a huge gamer, but I’ve become thoroughly immersed in the sweeping and epic sci-fi/future war saga that is Starcraft, and the comic spins out directly from the various games and fiction already published/established, carving its own unique bit of Starcraft lore along the way. The comic focuses, primarily, on the War Pigs, a hard-bitten crew of ex-cons drafted (with little or no choice in the matter) into a special (black) ops unit, initially by the Terran Confederacy and later by the Dominion. Utterly expendable and betrayed and double-crossed at every turn, life expectancy is not high if you’re a War Pig. And so, Cole Hickson, Nuura Joss, Romy Pyrius, Turfa Dei and Iggins must face not simply the many and varied threats of the Starcraft universe (protoss, zerg, Ghosts, elite Cerberus troops, mercenaries and more) but also survive the internecine schemes and backstabbing politics of their own controllers as they search for former (renegade) marshal (and Starcraft mainstay) Jim Raynor. Issue #1 of the ongoing series hits stores on Thursday May 28th (in the US)/Friday May 29th (UK), written by me with art by Federico Dallochio. If you’re after more details/depth, check out the interview I recently did for, coming soon. I’ll link to it right here in due course.


  1. Thanks. Look forward to reading the interview. Fans who wish to get 12-issues of StarCraft delivered straight to your home may subscribe here:

  2. Rain says:

    This will also be on my “to buy” list… once I get some money that is!

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