My ’09 convention/signing schedule resumes next weekend as I head to Derry in Northern Ireland and the 2D Comics Festival. This will be my third time at the Derry festival and I can’t recommend it enough, so if you can, pop down and say hi (and get something signed even). Things kick off on Friday (June 5th) upstairs at Sandinos bar (evening), with comics panels featuring such industry luminaries as Garry Leach, Rufus Dayglo, David Hine, D’Israeli, David Lloyd and many more. I’ll be there too! So will Nick Roche! Then, on the Saturday (June 6th) it’s a whole day of talks, signings and more at Derry’s verbal arts centre. Not sure yet if Nick and I are doing anything wholly dedicated to Transformers but I imagine we’ll be in the near vicinity of each other on the Saturday so available to blab carelessly about upcoming stuff (that we probably shouldn’t talk about), sign stuff and sketch (well, Nick will, I’m sure). Then Saturday evening it’s back to Sandinos for more loose-lipped stuff in the panel room. For full details of the event, guests and schedule, check out the 2D site here.

One Response to ON MY DERRY WAY…

  1. Rain says:

    This was pretty amazing! It was my first 2D festival, and although I only made it on the Saturday it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

    Have to give thanks to Simon for the preview of his new book and of course the fact that he signed it! That will be on my “to buy” list for sure!

    I look forward to future 2D Festivals with much anticipation!

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