Okay, by now you probably know the score: another week another serving of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (the comic book adaptation). This week (3rd June in the US, 4th in the UK) it’s the turn of issue #3, and events crank up to fever pitch as the human contingent and crotchety old duffer Jetfire go in search (well, he’s a Seeker after all!) of the Tomb of the Primes! Meanwhile, the Decepticons are doing some searching too, and number one on their seek and eviscerate schedule is Sam Witwicky! Secrets from the Transformers dim, distant past are revealed and The Fallen… well, wait and see! Art this issue is by Alex Milne, pinch-hitting for regular artist Jon Davis-Hunt (who returns for #4… 22-pages weekly, it’s a killer schedule!).


2 Responses to REVENGE x3!

  1. Monty says:

    Hi Simon, how close is the movie adaption to the actual upcoming movie? I’ve actually finished reading the trade paper back. Is there more dialog for the Transformers in the movie script?

  2. simon furman says:

    Well, Michael Bay movies are a constantly evolving thing, so while the adaptation is as close to the final shooting script as I/we could make it, I’m sure what reaches the screen will be something else again. But the main beats are all there. All we sacrificed was some of the incidental stuff, human-centric beats that weren’t vital to getting the story told. For instance, there’s more light-hearted stuff with Ron and Judy Witwicky and Agent Simmons that we just had to skip over entirely or show in one panel.

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