Final issues abound this week, as my second Terminator series, Terminator: Revolution, reaches its apocalyptic end. The story, begun in Terminator: Infinity, wraps up explosively, as the human resistance makes its all or nothing move against Skynet and the machines… without John Connor. He’s trapped in the past, safeguarding his younger self, with the T-Infinity and the Dire Wolf to contend with. And, of course, if anything happens to either John, whatever the resistance fighters in the future accomplish will amount to nothing! Terminator: Revolution #5 hits US stores today, June 10th (a day later in the UK), and it’s written by me with art by Lui Antonio (whose amazing work I just can’t praise enough). Oh, by the way, we really do wrap things up. A rarity in the many worlds of Terminator!


7 Responses to REVOLUTION’S END

  1. Jim Sorenson says:

    A good resolution to the story. Without giving too much away, Simon isn’t kidding about wrapping things up. That makes this, along with his earlier story (Terminator: Infinity) a nice addition to the Terminator saga. I still love the artwork, though I’d have liked to see a bit more of Tara Connor in this one. And Dismal River … what a great name. I mean, it actually seems to be quite lovely, but still, Skynet retains its dark wit.

    On a side note, Simon, have you been following The Sarah Connor Chronicles? The series ended on an open question, and I think you’d be a great candidate to finish it up in in comic form.

  2. simon furman says:

    Yeah, I loved SCC, and it got really, really good final third or season 2. Can’t believe how they finished it. It’d be fun to tie it up in comic form. Dynamite, how about it?

  3. killer455 says:

    looks like skynet’s last backup got what it deserves for screwing around with the time-stream too much

    mini-nuked their metal ass

    nice finish furman

  4. simon furman says:

    Thanks for the feedback killer455. It’s strange, i get so much feedback on my Transformers work but so little on Terminator and Starcraft, so it’s great to hear from you.

  5. Vittorio Trevitt says:

    I love Terminator. I was really happy when I heard that you have written several Terminator stories that tie in with the movies. Have you ever read “Robocop Versus The Terminator” by the way Simon? It’s brilliant (although it does take place in an alternate universe).

  6. killer455 says:

    no problems furman, your post-T3 universe should have been the TSalvation.

    (the problem with TS is that it pretends to be a war epic, but it dosen’t have a single full warfare scene, thanks to the PG-13 rating)

    it seems kind of weird, back in Infinity skynet’s last backup have gone to such pains to remove all these glitchi’n time-jumpers (of it’s side) to restore the chronal stream stability and yet in infinity out of desperation skynet tries to screwup the time-stream again.

    (i’m always thrown away how easily T-infinity sliced T-X’s torso with it’s plasma sword…..this is something that won’t have that quick in the T3’s novelbook according to which T-X’s hyperalloy armor is a thick chrystalline ceramic interlaced with nano-fibers which makes it even extremely difficult to crack even with plasmaguns….ohhh vey)

    anyway….nice work.

  7. Charles RB says:

    Just got this in trade form – fun stuff! (I do like that poor Skynet just keeps digging a bigger hole for itself with all the time travellers)

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