Blatant plug for Rad Robots, my coffee-table style book featuring the long, short, big and tall of the robot world, which officially hits UK stores today, June 22nd (no details yet on a full US release, but I’m sure it’s available via th’internet). Spanning everything automaton from the ancient Greeks to ASIMO, via the wondrous worlds of film, TV, book, comic and toy, Rad Robots takes an none too po-faced trawl through (almost) every robot to whir, clank and buzz across big and small screen, printed page and more, featuring such chapters as ‘When Robots go Bad,’ ‘Robots with Dangerous Curves’ and ‘Asimov’s Robots.’ Published by Kyle Cathie, the book is in stores, virtual or otherwise, now! BTW, I’ll be signing copies of Rad Robots (among other things) this coming Saturday (June 27th) at Orbital Comics in London (see previous blog entry) and handing out freebies (signed Transformers comics, StarCraft posters) for anyone who comes clutching a copy!
Robots PPC cover


2 Responses to RAD ROBOTS — OUT NOW!

  1. Nick says:

    I can’t wait to get some of that Radness on me face, and all down me top. That book looks flippin’ gorgeous.


  2. Black Bumblebee says:

    Great to see that there’s some Asimov love in there.

    I miss ‘ole Ike

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