That’s StarCraft issue #2, as opposed to the much-anticipated StarCraft 2 game, due out later this year. The second issue of Wildstorm’s comic book spin off series, written by me with art by Federico Dallochio, hits stores this week (June 24th in the US, 25th in the UK), with our recently reformed, hard bitten team of ex-cons, The War Pigs, running up against serious opposition in the shape of space-going cutthroat mercs. Will their quest to find and ‘retire’ ex-marshal and StarCraft mainstay Jim Raynor collapse before it’s even started? Probably not, as this is issue #2 of an ongoing series, but there’s still 22 packed pages of searing story action waiting for you, with a twist or two thrown in for good measure. Things are really starting to hot up, and whether you’re a fan of the game or not, you’d do well to jump onboard now!


2 Responses to OUT NOW — STARCRAFT 2

  1. Romain says:

    Hi Simon !

    I’m long time reader of your adventures ! But I have a question, because I write a mail to Titan Book about “Transformers the art of movies” and they said me the book was postponed. So, what happens ?!

    As a 3D graphist, I really wanted this book. You know, I’m ready to buy a PDF file of it. And I think I’m not alone ! 😛

    Anyway, I’ll do pick an eye to StarCraft 2 comics.

  2. trence5 says:

    Hi Mr. Furman,
    Look I know this completely off topic but I’d like to ask you a question about Transformers (love your stories).
    Years back, before dreamwave went bust, there was a story plan about Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus that never came to be. Any chance in the future you could a storyline that explores the relationship between Optimus and Magnus, like are they REALLY brothers, and is Optimus trying to groom him to be his successor if something happens to him?


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