July 25, 2009

LIVE FROM SAN DIEGO: the news is out, my next series for IDW will be Transformers: Nefarious, a six-issue movie continuity mini-series that picks up from the end of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and introduces an all-new adversary for the Transformers (Autobot and Decepticon) in the shape of a mysterious, far-reaching and very powerful group of humans with access to enhanced Transformer-tech and maybe even the odd actual Transformer! Seeds for the new series will be sown in the final Tales of the Fallen issue, Ravage, and he (along with Soundwave) play key roles in the unfolding drama. Expect lots more character depth and exploration for both. Actually, make that all characters. We’re going to be highlighting some Autobots and Decepticons that did and didn’t make it into the second movie and maybe, just maybe, throwing in the odd new character too! Plus, we’ll be exploring the post-movie NEST/Autobot human alliance in more detail too! For more info check out the IGN interview I did recently (see link in update below). Transformers: Nefarious kicks in shortly after Tales of the Fallen #6: Ravage. Don’t miss either!


July 25, 2009

That’s the trouble with interviews. Nothing for ages then three come at once. Various people have asked various things of me and here’s the result(s). Check out IGN for the inside story on Transformers: Nefarious (see blog update above) here, and Transformers Hispanos (original English-language version) here, and, last but not least, The Mindless Ones here.


July 20, 2009

The Earth-shaking, 12-issue All Hail Megatron maxi-series spills over into a thirteenth issue this week, which was certainly lucky for me, as I got to tell a decidedly different Transformers tale in which Ironhide and Optimus Prime regroup/reassess in the light of the tumultuous events of Megatron’s all-conquering spree. I also lucked out in the shape of fan-favourite artist Don Figueroa, who returned to the fold to draw this special 11-page story (each of these ‘Coda’ issue features two stories per issue). Can’t tell you too much about the story itself, but rest assured that as well as providing something of a retrospective on the intertwined life and times of Prime and Ironhide it sets the scene for more momentous twists and turns to come. All Hail Megatron #13 hits stores this week, July 22nd in the US (nicely in time for my appearance at the San Diego Comicon) and July 23rd in the UK.

SDCC-09 (2)

July 16, 2009

Plans for my three days at this year’s San Diego Comicon have advanced further, so here’s my new (mostly confirmed) schedule for the event:
Friday 24th: may or may not make it along to the IDW panel at noon. News of my new TF series should already have broken by then, so I’ll be around (though maybe on the sidelines) to answer any (well, within reason) questions.
Sat 25th: 3-4PM at the DC/Wildstorm stand, then 4-5PM at the DK booth (2913-G in the Lucasfilm Pavilion). I may have to run to be there on time!!
Sun 26th: 10-11AM at the IDW stand, where I’ll be available to sign copies of All Hail Megatron #13 (and whatever else), then 2-3PM at the DK booth (Transformers: The Movie Universe, TF Ultimate Guide et al).
That’s it for the moment. Keep an eye out for more updates, right here, over the next week!

SDCC-09 (1)

July 7, 2009

Next stop on the 09 signing/convention trail is the annual San Diego comicon. I’ll be attending this year, Friday through Sunday (July 24th to 26th), and apart from hanging around the Hyatt bar I’ll be popping up here and there for official events/signings throughout the weekend. So far, what’s been locked in are two DK (Dorling Kindersley) signing events, one on the Saturday (4-5PM at the DK booth) and one on the Sunday (2-3PM, also at the DK booth), where I’ll be signing copies of Transformers: The Movie Universe, plus, of course, Transformers: The Ultimate Guide and You Can Draw Transformers (and other stuff too!). Soon as I have details of other locked-in events/signings, I’ll update this post accordingly. Look forward to seeing you there!